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The best hand creams for your sad dry hands – review Geek

It's the time of year again. The day is getting shorter, the air is getting colder and your hands are as dry as a cat's tongue. The humid season is gone, and you have no choice but to rewet.

The hands are prone to all sorts of pain and torment throughout the year. If you do any kind of work, like cleaning or cooking, then there is a good chance that your hands are at least a bit raw. It does not help winter air is notoriously dry. Just like a test, think about how dry your fingertips feel right now. Think about how dry your lips feel. You can fix your lip problem with almost all brands of chapstick, but you need a serious hand cream for these hands.

Now keep in mind that a regular body cleaning will save your displayed hands. These hands go through hell every day, a hell that has never been felt by your shoulders or calves. Have you ever washed a pile of dishes with your elbows? Have you ever had a splinter in your back? Did not think so. Body alloys are just too thin to completely moisten your pale-exposed, tool-grabbing winter hands. Therefore, you need to use your own hand cream or a thick moisturizer.

O & # 39; Keeffes Workers ($ 6.49)

O & # 39; Keefes workmen are a good hand cream for on-going daily use. It is made of a mixture of fats and polymers that hydrate your hands and locks moisture without leaving an oily mess. Because O & # 39; Keefe works mostly by sealing moisture that's already in your hands, it's good to reuse it often. Unlike shea or cocoa butter, Keefes does not leave a smell, and you do not have to worry about melting and leaking out of the container if you happen to leave it in the car.

While O & # 39; Keefes will not provide deep hydration of products such as shea butter or Miracle Hand Repair, giving you a portable, fat-free moisturizing experience. And at $ 6.49, O & Keefes is stealing.

Burt's Beef Almond & Milk Hand Cream ($ 9.52)

If you're looking for a fragrant cream that you can really work in your hands, check out Burt's Bees Almond and Milk Hand Cream. It is made with almond oil and beeswax (among other things), which makes it particularly good for cracked, dry, sad hands.

Almond oil is usually used as a massage oil. It's a ridiculously heavy oil, and it sits on your skin like cooking oil. This product consists of many ingredients, and it actually has the consistency of an eye cream or a delicate lotion. But the mandel oil inside it is noticeable to sit on the hands, which is a bit difficult if they are already well-wetted. But the almond oil contained in this Burt's Bees product makes it great for massaging in deep cracks or problem areas. Because it comes in a nice little container, it's easy to take this Burt Bees product out for immediate reuse.

Raw Apothecary Unrefined Shea Butter ($ 14.20)

Shea butter has become a common ingredient in lotions and chapsticks. It is thick, creamy and full of vitamins A, E and F. While raw shea butter is a little too fat to use as a head to toe moisturizer cream (if your entire body feels like sandpaper), it makes a good hand cream. It is thick enough to sit on your hands overnight or while watching TV, which is good if the area around your nails is particularly uneven. That said, it may not be the best cream for people who need to be moistened on their way or at work. Otherwise you can give someone an oily handshake.

You can take a kilo of raw shea butter from Raw Apothecary for $ 14.20 which is a good price for a whole pound shea butter … but it's a bit expensive if you're just looking for something to rehash your hands when it is cold. You can also use this raw shea butter for tan, damaged hair, dry lips and bite bites, but it's up to you.

Palmers cocoa butter formula ($ 13.30)

If you're in natural moisturizers, but you're off of shea butter's thick now-you-lubricated feeling, consider buying some cocoa butter. Like shea butter, cocoa butter has experienced a later increase in popularity. It's thick, it's creamy and it smells chocolate candy. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula is a reasonably priced cocoa butter product that could heal someone's winter hands. Yes, even yours.

There's really no reason you should not use cocoa butter. It produces a good finished product because it does not leave hands for oily. It smells amazing, and it can be used to rewind any part of your body. While $ 13.30 may seem a bit expensive for a hand cream, you get a little more than a pound of cocoa butter for $ 13.30. It should have been a while, especially if it just happens.

Just a heads up; Do not leave this or any other kind of butter in the body of the car. It's convenient to leave things in the car when you want them on the go, but this is the kind that can melt and melt out of a tipped container.

Miracle of Aloe Miracle Hand Repair Cream ($ 9.99)

If you're looking for a lightweight, powerful on-hand hand cream, consider Miracle Hand Repair. Aloe has been promised to be a champion of moisturizing and healing for several years. Aloe is a light, deep penetrating moisturizer so it can heal your hands without making you an oily mess. Not to mention it does not smell at all.

Actually, this is the general hand of humectants. You can use Miracle Hand Repair to moisturize on time or at work. It's deep penetrating, but it will not take your hands in moisturizer so you do not have to worry about giving someone a slight handshake or leaving fat smudges everywhere.

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