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The Best Hand Warmers for Long Term Heat – Review Geek

Do you want more warmth than just gloves that alone can give? Fight the winter's chill with these amazing hand warmers.

If you are watching a game, camping or hiking, spending time outdoors or just having cold fingers, a handwheel can be what you need to keep your numbers cool and warm. With handheld heaters for hours, charging your phone, reuse (or discarded), we have a hand heater for everyone.

Long-handed Heater: Zippo Hand Warmer ($ 21

Zippo Lighter is Known for its quality and durability, why not get a hand heater that can trust it? Zippo Hand Warmer is filled with lighter fluid and can be ignited with a lighter or match when you need it to warm your hands – and can last for up to 12 hours. It not only warms you longer than most hand warmers, but it's 2.5 times warmer than one-time brands.

If you are worried that you need to light this hand hotter, do not worry. Yes, you need an open flame to start it; but when it lights up, the hand heater melts to a warm, safe heat. Just note that it comes with lighter fluid, but you have to buy more after the 12 ounces included.

And even if you need to fill it, the heat produced is noticeably different and stronger than electric or one-time heaters. In addition, the stylish Zippo design can easily fit your pocket or get stuck in your glove.

Best Rechargeable Hand Heater: EnergyFlux Ellipse ($ 35)

If you do not want to touch a real flame or need to worry about filling your hand heater with lighter fluid, but you still want durability, you might a rechargeable hand heater. Only charge this EnergyFlux Ellipse Hand Warmer as you would charge your phone or portable battery and you are set for up to 6.5 hours (or less in cooler temperatures). With two heat settings (107 degrees Fahrenheit and 118 degrees Fahrenheit) your hands will be nice and dirty, because this simple grip heats up along the surface.

At the top of the EnergyFlux Ellipse has a USB port so you can charge the electronics while warming your hands. Even if you can not load and heat your hands at the same time, this spare power can still suck up a number of electronic devices! So if you need a quick charge or heating, just press the on button and it will start within seconds – you do not need to carry around 2 separate devices. If you're looking for maximum value, it's probably this: Unlike other heaters, you can still use this as a standard old portable battery for your phone.

Best hand heater without heat source: HotSnapZ Hand Warmers ($ 22)

Do you want a hand heater that is simple and reusable? These HotSnapZ Hand Warmers, which come with 4 circles and 4 rectangles, generate fast heat up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit by just snaping the metal plate in the middle of the heater. Along with water and sodium acetate (which is safe, non-toxic salt), the reaction causes energy and can be repeated indefinitely.

When activated, the solution begins to crystallize and spread heat through the hand heater. And even if the heat lasts for up to an hour, you can enable HotSnapZ again and it will reheat in a minute. These hand warmers are in a liquid state, even in the cold, but they can start to cure after they have been activated and not used for a long time. Just cook if they become too difficult to activate.

Best Disposable Hand Warmers: HotHands ($ 6)

When you're cold, you probably do not want to keep track of unnecessary items. That's why HotHands Hand Warmers are perfect for those who want hot hands but do not have to worry about where their reusable hand heater is stored. Just get this package of 5 pairs of HotHands (which is not bad for the price), and you are set to the soccer game, the campsite or whatever your freezing outdoor experience can be.

These hand warmers are not only reliable (lasting up to 10 hours), they are air-activated and can fit in your palm, inside your glove or in your pocket. And because they are fast and more flexible than Zippo or EnergyFlux Ellipse, you can fit them in smaller places (maybe even your shoes!). Just throw them at the end of your long day in the cold.

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