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The best magnetic phone brackets for your car – Review Geek

Fidgeting and glancing down on Google Maps on your phone while driving is a timeless tradition. But it's never really an excuse to drive around with your phone in hand, especially when the magnetic fasteners are cheap, safe and comfortable.

If you are unsure about considering a phone call at all, we can not blame you completely. They have a reputation for working badly and collapsing quickly. But in recent years, quality has improved considerably across the board. Now the phone brackets are physically reliable, discomfort is their biggest problem. Tightening and unleashing a cradle around your phone every time you drive is a pain in your neck, and it may not seem worth the trouble if all you have to do is skip any spot on Spotify. Therefore, magnetic fasteners are a comfortable monster. Although a magnet may sound like an unreliable way to perch your phone, all of these fasteners are built with high-strength neodymium magnets. It is the kind used in microphones, fishing tanks, motors, generators and hard drives.

Really, if you have thought of buying one of these for a while, you should only take it. These are the best magnetic fasteners for your car. They are around $ 1

0, they are stupid, and they run with your GPS's safer GPS.

WizGear Air Vent Mount ($ 9.99)

Oh, the classic air valve. These are not as crazy as they were a few years ago. And WizGear looks particularly good. It's not bulky, it does not matter much, and its magnet is strong enough to hold most devices. Unbelievably, WizGear can swing so you can turn your phone from portrait to landscape without having to worry. This is a simple and comfortable assembly that you can use and install, and the phone will be nice and cold over an air vent.

Do not forget that air valves tend to differ from car to car. My car accidentally has wimpy valves when you put any weight on them. WizGear's pyramid-shaped tail will hold most air-conditioning valves in place, but it does not work for everyone.

SCOSCHE CD Mount ($ 11.99)

Yes, SCOSHE is inside your CD player. And it's not dependent on glue or suction cups, SCOSHE physically locks three rows inside the CD player when you turn a button. This is an excellent option for people who want a phone or a surf platform on their radio. You can rotate your smart devices when connected to this CD mount so that you make your iPhone or iPad a dedicated GPS or a music device is a cinch.

Now there is a risk that this type of mounting may damage your CD player. Some people have no trouble using their CD player while SCOSHE installed but I am willing to bet that they listen to the same CD over and over again because there must be a pain to unscrew this thing every time you want to insert a new disc. Personally, I'm streaming my entire music and I've already ruined my car's selling value, so I'm willing to take the risk of a CD mount.

IPOW Suction Cup Gooseneck Mount ($ 10.98)

The IPOW adjustable window is a good option for people sharing a car with others. It has a shock absorbing and flexible goose sock, so everyone can customize it to their preferences. And since IPOW comes with three magnets to stick on phones, there's no reason not to give anyone to anyone driving your car around.

Of course, some type of suction cup or adhesive bracket comes with a small risk. If you live somewhere warm and humid, there is a chance that your bracket will drain down and start the phone under the passenger seat. But even in strange weather, a good suction cup is a good suction cup. Most of the time, the failure is not the weather without dirty glass – clean the glass really well in advance and it should be left.

Now you do not need to charge your phone while using IPOW, but you should consider how difficult it will be to charge a phone that is in one of these before you install it. If you stick this to the far left of the dashboard, you may need to drive a cable over the knee to charge a phone mounted on it. It's also hard to use a sunshade when this monstrosity hangs from your window, but you like a burning hot car, right?

SCOSCHE Stick-On Mount ($ 11.98)

If you're looking for something simple and comfortable, SCOSCHE is low profile and can hold onto certain parts of your car. It does not fit on highly textured surfaces or faux leather, so this type of assembly can work best on the smooth plastic that usually surrounds the radio. Of course you can always keep this at the window, but it can not be convenient to reach your phone.

If you have an unusually heavy phone or tablet, you might want to look at something a bit stronger than SCOSCHE. I mean, the magnet works well, it's the adhesive that can cause a problem. If you take care of a hot dirt road in your Mini Cooper with an iPad mounted on SCOSCHE, the stick's stickers will probably release and push the iPad into your deep depth.

SCOSCHE announces this bracket for both the car and the home. If you buy a magnetic bracket for your car, I would suggest you have taken a couple of them to your kitchen or office. You will have a magnet that sticks to your phone case, but it might as well take advantage of it.

Bestrix Dashboard Mount ($ 9.99)

This strong and shiny arm sucks your line and hangs in front of your radio. BesTrix has a professional look and has sufficient strength to make your iPad a dedicated GPS and music player. There is not much to say about BesTrix, it looks good and works well. The device does not have much flexibility, but it's good. It's not hard to tell if this is meant for you.

Again, suction cups have a mixed reputation. If you assume that your instrument panel is textured, you must really insure and clean it carefully before squeezing any BesTrix into it. A clean surface always makes suction cups more reliable.

If you are afraid that the convenience of a magnetic mount may risk your phone for physical violence, you might be interested in a more traditional car mount. But I would still suggest you tried one of these magnetic fasteners.

SCOSCHE Cup Holder Mount ($ 35.05)

No, I'm not joking. Have you not ever supported the phone in a dirty coffee to just watch GPS? SCOSCHE Cup Holder Mount is stupid, beautiful and nicely thought out. It solves all the problems that the other braces present. Have suction cups and glue betrayed your entire life? Well, this cup mount assembles works together with gravity, rather than trying to fight it. Are you afraid that your phone will fall from a car mount like a dead bird and end up with a cracked screen? Your phone has no longer fallen from this mount (although it can land in a cup of coffee). Loose cables that drive you? The SCOSCHE cup holder has two USB and two 12V inputs, so you can charge the phone while it is mounted without creating a mess.

You do not have to worry that this bracket is around the car or does not fit your car obnoxiously big cup brackets. SCOSCHE has expandable rods that lock it in a cup holder for the rest of eternity. Perhaps you have noticed the hole on the top of SCOSCHE? That, my friend, is for all your strange rubbish and crumbs. Do not worry, this cup mount does not stop stopping a friend from leaving strange trash and unfinished food in your car.

But there are consequences for such decadence. Obviously, you need to volunteer an expensive cup holder to hold a phone. Sticking down to your cup holder while driving is not an associated security technique (self-esteem often carries the odor of danger), and SCOSCHE can increase your cool factor a bit too much, comes around the clock. Otherwise nothing can threaten the strong cup holder's bracket!

2BConnect Wireless Charging Bracket ($ 29.97)

Mounting cup holder is a refined example of primitive beauty. But 2Bconnect Window Mount has an integrated wireless charger, and it gives us a wonderful look at the future. If you look at magnetic car mount for your convenience, you can also go all the way and get one that takes out your phone.

This is basically a futuristic, less flexible version of IPOW. It sucks your window and it comes with a clip as a sticker to the dashboard. Probably this should offer a certain shock diffusion and physical support. It's also nice to have a mountain that has to come from two surfaces before it pivots your phone heavily inside the car.

2BConnect is comfortable and cool but it's not the last solution to handle the cables in your car. The device itself must be connected if you want the phone to charge. But you rarely need to disconnect 2BConnect, so if you're worried about a cable that hangs in your car, ask yourself to pull a USB cable to the device and find some kind of sleeves or ties to hold the low profile

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