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The best outdoor Smart Plugs for Holiday Lights and more – Review Geek

Tired of getting out of the cold to connect your lights? Automate your Christmas lights and decorations with these amazing outdoor-class smart home plugs.

Nothing is more annoying than going outwards to connect your Christmas lights every night and then disconnect them in the morning. It's not just annoying to go to the cold, but leaving your lights all night is not the most efficient energy use (who really likes them at 4:00 PM). Certainly, you can use a simple remote-controlled plug like this one, but a smart plug will be able to automate your lights for you with a schedule and can even let you turn on and off the lights of your smart home assistants.

Here are some of the best outdoor smart plugs to think of for Christmas lights or any other outdoor lamp or device.

Best inexpensive, all-round option: iClever IC-BS06 Wi-Fi Smart Plug ($ 30)

If you're just looking for a cheap and easy way to add smarts to your outdoor lightbulbs, the iClever IC-BS06 Smart Plug is a great way to go.

For only $ 30, it's one of the cheapest outdoor smart plugs on the market, and even better, it comes with two containers that can be individually controlled so it's like getting two smart plugs at the price of one.

We have written a complete review of this product, so be sure to check if you are interested in buying it. But the essence is that it works with both Alexa and Google Assistant, and it's IP44 rated, which means it's protected from splashes of water, so it's good in rain or snow.

The bundled app leaves something to be desired, but if you set it up on a schedule or use voice control with it, you should not even have to handle the app at all.

Best Z-Wave Option: GE Z-Wave Plus Outdoor Smart Switch ($ 30)

If you'd rather have an outdoor smart plug that uses Z-Wave instead of Wi-Fi, GE's own Outdoor Smart Switch is a good option that does not break the bank either. 19659002] Of course, you need an existing smarthome hub that supports Z-Wave devices, like a SmartThings or Wink hub, but you're good at going differently. And it will free up your Wi-Fi network, especially if you stop installing a ton of these around your house.

The smart switch can be turned on and off manually via the app (or on the plug itself) or you can set a schedule to turn it on and off automatically at certain times. It also works with Alexa, as long as the smarthome hub you connect it to, works with Alexa.

Perhaps the only disadvantage is that it only has a container, but if you sometimes cross the Christmas lights, that should not be a big problem.

Best HomeKit Options: iDevices Outdoor Switch ($ 50)

If Siri is your thing, or HomeKit in general, iDevice's Outdoor Switch is a good smart plug to use with your Christmas lights and controls right from your iPhone.

It's a pretty expensive model, but it comes with two containers (although they can not be individually controlled). However, a great feature is energy monitoring, so you can see how much electricity all of your Christmas candles use. Probably it's probably not a lot, but it's nice to have an idea (and you can always use the plug for other projects when Christmas is over).

Although it works with Siri and is HomeKit compatible, it still works well with Alexa and Google Assistant if you are not a big fan of HomeKit in general or you do not want to be locked in a particular platform.

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