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The best places to land in Warzone

There is no easy way to win War zone, but you can improve your odds enormously by choosing an ideal place to land directly outside the bat. The map of Verdansk is massive, so there is not necessarily a right or wrong place to land – but depending on your skill level and where the petrol is, you want a plan in your back pocket that suits your needs. In this guide, we go through some basic landing tips, as well as some great places to land in general.

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Basic tips for choosing a place

The first thing you want to do before choosing your landing site is to evaluate the plane’s path right at the beginning. You can actually see it before the match starts while you are in the lobby before the game. Take the time to draw up your map at this point to see the plane’s orbit so you know where you’re going. You will not be able to see petrol yet, but it is convenient to check the flight path as early as possible. Before you are ready to choose a place, there are a few things to consider.

Ideally, you should have a good grasp of your own level of competence. This helps when choosing a location. For example, we would not recommend a beginner to land in high traffic areas. In the same way, expert players will probably get bored if they land too far away from the action. At this point, look at the map, the direction of the plane, the gas and all the contracts around Verdansk.

Some players – regardless of petrol – will land in the same place every game. If this works for you, more power to you, but we strongly recommend that you choose a place based on the gas and the planet’s path. The most effective strategy is to land close to a contract so that you can initiate it and hopefully earn some money, change and a sneak peek at the position of the gas (you get this to complete a Recon contract).

For novice players, it is recommended to land with a Recon (denoted by a flag symbol) or Scavenger (denoted by a magnifying glass) contract. These do not require you to take part in any battle and will reward you with useful goodies (usually). Recon contracts are a bit more risky because they require you to capture a point that shoots a floss into the sky and reveals your place to the enemies. But from our experience, this usually does not make much difference in the early stages of the game. When it comes to Scavenger contracts, these are the safest and only require you to open three chests that all spawn within close proximity.

The other contracts like Most Wanted and Bounties are much tougher, as they are likely to lead to burns with other players. If you feel confident in your skills, go ahead and take one of these contracts – but otherwise we recommend that you stay away. It is worth noting that the earlier you start a Most Wanted or Bounty contract, the easier it is because the players you encounter will probably not have powerful playoff equipment (usually).

Be open to changing your path on the go depending on other players. For example, if you have a place in mind, but see lots of players heading to the same place, it’s best to change your way to another place if you want to be safe. If possible, try to land on another contract that you feel safe with, such as Recon or Scavenger.

The last tip is to choose a place based on your team size and skill. Having a team of four makes it easier to survive in higher traffic, especially if you are all on the same page in deciding a route. If you play solo, it’s a little different because you do not have anyone to pick you up if you go down, so keep all this in mind.

Use your gas and the planet to your advantage

We will refer to the image above to help you choose a good place to land. There is a lot to take in when looking at the map, but the most important thing is to look at the circle (which represents the orbit of deadly gas) and the line that represents the planet’s path. As you can see, the flight path goes southeast towards the center. Because of this, you will find many players who tend to land along the line that indicates the planet’s path. With that in mind, if you want to stay away from the action, it might be a good idea to land off the road. In this case, the airport is one of the busier areas, followed by Superstore and Storage Town – simply because of their proximity to the beginning of the plane’s path.

You will notice on the map, we have marked a Recon contract at the bottom of the Promenade West area. This is a great place because it’s far enough away from the action while still close to the circle. Again, if your skill allows, you can aim for the livelier areas like the Superstore, but for new or inexperienced players, we recommend it. Based on the picture above, Downtown is not a bad place to land in as it is easy to stay hidden among the buildings and there are many contracts to choose from.

In short, we recommend that you land with a contract on the edge of the circle, away from the aircraft’s path, to avoid combat and to ensure that you grab goodies on the way. If you are a more skilled player, you can adjust that formula slightly and land closer to the center of the circle, but you want to be careful with the other players. All that said, let’s go through some good places for all skill levels.

The city center

If the gas allows it, landing in the downtown area is excellent due to its densely packed buildings, contracts and vantage points. Even if a dozen players all go to this place, there is enough space to go around for everyone – making it easy to lose enemies who can track you. Ideally, we recommend that you make some contracts, raise as much money as you can and find a tall building overlooking the rest of the map. That way, you can quickly jump off if things get hairy. Note that this is a very populated area, but thanks to the many places you can go, you will find enough steps to keep things fun, while still playing it relatively safe.

One strategy you may want to use is to hide in one of the tall office buildings. Make sure you cover every entrance – especially the lifts with rappelling ropes. In fact, if you can place a mine or mud more in front of these rappelling points, you will have a much easier time taking out enemies who may be trying to sneak up on you. When petrol approaches, drive up to the roof and jump off to safety.


The port is usually a safe place, depending on the direction of the flight. If you see a bunch of players landing nearby, you should consider changing course. Otherwise, landing here will serve you well. Just make sure you grab a contract or two and try to raid the multi-story headquarters. This is the type of main place where you will probably encounter enemies, so get comfortable with it.

The nice thing is that the harbor is usually far away from danger, so you can fit in, take some gear and prepare before you go inside. As a word of caution, we recommend that you avoid going up to the top of the taps (unless you plan to quickly grab an item and drop), as they are very visible and are usually the first thing you look at when scooping this. area out. When you are done at the port, you have many main knots to choose from nearby such as the center or farmland.

Promenade West

This is another place that is usually less busy. Promenade West has lots of small houses and multi-storey buildings full of exchanges and contracts to complete. It’s like a finer version of Downtown in that it’s condensed and has many buildings to explore, but on a much smaller scale. When you have all the bucket you need, you can head up to the Boneyard or east towards the park. The Promenade West is usually safe and close to other hubs that are worth visiting.


This can be a controversial post, but Superstore can be a great place to land if you know what you’re doing. The previous posts are for players who want to avoid enemy contact, but the Superstore is just the opposite. In the game we played to take the picture above, we literally counted 11 other players (that we could see) all on their way to the Superstore, so it’s definitely not for those who want to stay sneaky. But what you will find here is a big change and the chance to take out other players, which is good for picking up all the changes they may have taken along the way. In addition, it is easy to listen in the footsteps of the enemy because it is such a compact area, so if you can find a decent weapon right away, you will have an advantage.

The strategy we like to use is to land away from the other enemies and enter through a low traffic entrance. This will change depending on the other enemies and how the plane enters. Once inside, try to listen to other players and move towards a ceasefire and contract. Keep doing this until you feel safe escaping from the area. There is usually someone on the roof overlooking the surrounding zone, so be careful when you go out and try not to just run out into the open when you go.


Landing at the stadium is similar to the Superstore, as it is a high-traffic area. But it is a high risk / high reward, and thankfully you can survive if you know what to do. Since the stadium recently opened with season 5, it has increased in popularity. On average, we have encountered seven enemies in this location – which usually tend to land right in the middle through the giant hole. If you do this, you will probably be killed, so we recommend that you choose an external entrance – either through the garage or one of the doors on the ground floor. Again, just like the Superstore, once inside, there are a lot of loot and even secret rooms that can be unlocked with key cards around the area (we go into more detail about this here).

We suggest avoiding the center of the stadium altogether. Instead, search the inside of the ground floor along with the underground garage. You will usually only encounter one or two enemies in the garage area. Once you have enough equipment, you can get to the center, which is great for collecting even more swaps and contracts. Fortunately, it is very close. Other players like to stay and wait inside the stadium as it can be a relatively safe space once the majority of the enemies have been cleared out. We think this method is useful, but much less fun, so choose a path that suits you and go with it.

Large landing sites are those that have lots of gear and contracts and are close to useful hubs that are safe to keep up with. Keep in mind that a good landing site is only as good as the player. If you are inexperienced, you will even land near lots of save not save yourself from players who have spent dozens of hours in War zone.

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