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The best portable electric power stations – review Geek

In our interconnected world, a power outage is particularly frustrating. But if you have a power plant on hand, you never have to worry about dead cell phones or gadgets again.

Large capacity batteries are cheaper and more efficient. It has become so important that an electric power plant with a shoe box can, in the right context, give you more mileage than a powerful, gas-powered generator. And you can use a power plant to exit the grid for a while, you just need to pair it with some solar panels.

It will take a long time before you throw the gas generator in your cabin and replace it with a backpack-friendly power plant, but the current generation of power plants is quite amazing and you can easily stay at a remote campsite for days and weather. Smaller power outages with your mobile phone and laptop are still strong. [1

9659002] But there is a lot to take into account before you buy a power plant. If you want a power plant for outdoor or auto work, you should find one that has a large capacity and many AC or DC ports. But if you are just looking for something to load a couple of phones on a camping trip, then you want to focus on portability and USB ports.

Fortunately, we have done the research for you. Here are our favorite power plants to keep the juice flowing if you are in deep forests, deep under the snow in a power outage or deep in a serious job at work.

EcoFlow River 412Wh Power Station ($ 550)

If you are looking for a large power plant that can charge multiple units during a camping trip or power outage, look at the EcoFlow River. We have raved about EcoFlow River before – it has a capacity of 412Wh, which means that you should be able to run TV or light for a few days. Or, if you want to blow the 412Wh a bit faster, you can use the EcoFlow River to drive up to 11 units at a time. The river has 2 USB Quickcharge inputs, 2 common USB inputs, 2 USB-C inputs, 2 power sockets, 2 DC sockets and a 12V port input. There are quite a few ports and considerably more than what you find at most power stations.

If you need some extra juice, you can extend this power station's lifetime by pairing it with an EcoFlow solar panel. But really, 412Wh is more than enough power. The only real drawback to this device is that it is quite expensive. And if you're just trying to load a couple of phones on a camping trip, this power plant can be a little overclocked.

Suaoki 150Wh Portable Power Station ($ 126)

Some power plants can be a bit bulky, especially if they have many inputs. But Suaoki power plant is about half of a shoebox and it drives up to 10 units at a time. This power plant has 1 fast charge USB input, 3 common USB inputs, 2 AC ports, 4 DC ports. It also has a set of built-in lights, so you can use it as a lantern (with a giant battery!) In a pinch.

Suaoki can stream many devices simultaneously, but it has only a 150Wh capacity, so you can't expect to run TV and laptops for several days at a time. Really, this device is best for driving devices such as fans or lamps, or for charging phones and laptops. You can pair Suaoki with some solar panels to extend their life, which is a pretty good idea if you are trying to stay away from the net for a few days.

Jackery 240Wh Portable Power Station ($ 250)

If you are looking for a strong middle class, you should consider Jackery Power Plant. It has a capacity of 240Wh, which is more than enough power to hold a TV or Mini refrigerator in one day.

Jackery has only two USB inputs, one AC port and one DC port. If you need a power plant that can get your family through a long power outage, you might want a power plant that has more power inputs, such as the previously mentioned EcoFlow River or upgrade to the $ 500 440Wh Jackery model. But if you just need a personal power plant, the 240Wh Jackery is a perfect choice.

Like other power plants, you can pair it with a solar panel. In fact, they have a 50w solar panel designed specifically for Jackery power plants.

DeWALT Professional Power Station ($ 260)

Sometimes you are more concerned about charging your car battery than your phone battery. DeWALT's professional power plant is designed for car and emergency maintenance. It comes with a pair of crocodile clips to jump the car battery, an air compressor to inflate your tires and a set of bright work lights to help you see what you're doing. Of course, DeWALT has two AC inputs and two USB inputs, so you can use it to power devices or charge your phone in a pinch.

This is a relatively affordable unit and it can be used for all kinds of purposes. But it only has two AC inputs and two USB inputs, so sharing a family during a power outage or a camping trip can be difficult. You can get some extra life on this power plant by charging it with a solar panel or by passively charging it with the car's cigarette lighter while driving around. Just remember that the cigarette lighter tends to load things very slowly.

imuto 182Wh Camping Generator ($ 130)

If you want the smallest, most affordable power plant, you should take a look at imuto power plants. It is slightly larger than a can of baking soda, but it has a fairly large capacity of 182Wh, and it can power up to 7 units at a time.

Imuto has 3 DC ports, 3 common USB ports and 1 fast-charging USB port. It has no AC port, but you can use a first-party power supply for devices up to 100w if you really need one. But to be honest, this power plant is best with laptops and mobile phones. You will not run a mini-fridge of this thing, but you will be able to upload a pile of portable devices.

If a powerhouse can soften the size of you (and everything is more appealing when referenced in soda as a unit of measure), it is difficult to say no to imuto. It's quite affordable, and you can always pair it with a solar panel for imuto to get some extra battery life.

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