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The best replacement tips for earbuds – review Geek

The tiny silicone tips that let your earplugs fit into the ear are very easy to lose. Fortunately, they are also easy to replace, with a half standard size that fits around 90% of earplugs in the market. Here are the best ones.

We have chosen the best replacement options for standard silicone tips, available in different sizes even for the more unusual earpiece designs. We have also made pickups for memory foam earbud tips, which is a popular option for those who want some extra comfort, plus opt for those who need an extremely secure fit for sports and fitness and a multi-purpose design for those who require superior sound insulation.

Best Silicone Earbud Tips: Spinfit (Various, $ 1

If all you need is a new set of ear bud tips, there are hundreds of perhaps thousands of almost identical options online and in retail. Among them, we recommend the changes sold by SpinFit. While the design is more or less the same as the others, SpinFit's excellent material is a cut above the rest. Even better, they come with different adapter sizes, which means they will work with a variety of earplugs and earmuff brands. For half standard size, choose 4mm. For others, check the manufacturer's specifications or measure an original.

SpinFit's replacement tips are available in different ear canals and several that are included in each package for exact fit. In addition to the usual silicone design, they are available with several flange options for those who want a better or deeper seal. Somewhere in this deep product line is a set that is perfect for you.

Best Memory Foam Earbud Tips: Need insulation plus ($ 15)

For those who prefer a nicer and more comfortable fit, they fill the much-loved memory foam tip is perfect. With tight foam that compresses when it enters your ear and expands to form a tight seal, it's an excellent upgrade if you're looking for a set of tips that are safer without being too tight.

While there are several imitators, Comply's original memory foam design is still a favorite pick. The standard version comes with three pairs, in small, medium and large options (with a triple package available with one of each). Four different adapter sizes are also sold, for a perfect fit with multiple headphone brands – check this guide to see who you need. The ear molds are also offered in "insulation" here, "sports" and "comfort" variants, for different levels of pressure and sound insulation.

Best Replacement Earbud Sports Tips: Phaiser ($ 10)

Users who like to use music to increase their workouts need headphones that are rock-solid, and much of it is the fit for the earplug. These replacement silicone tips from Phaiser include a variety of sizes, plus integrated clips to fit securely in the ear cap, also available in several sizes. For a secure fit and a hassle-free run or workout it is a perfect choice.

Technically, these clips are designed specifically for Phaiser's training-focused headphones, but they should also be stretched to fit most snapped headphones. Note that if you use something larger, with a dedicated band or a non-standard driver, you may need to look for remuneration from your manufacturer yourself. Spare parts are usually listed on the webshop if they are available. [19659012] Best soundproof earbuds Tips: AudioEquip ($ 12)

Foam headphones for a generally good job of isolating sounds from the outside world, but with an accompanying blur and artificial emphasis on bass sounds. If you are looking for both sound insulation and the general neutral sound profile, these triple-flange tips from AudioEquip are exactly what you want. Their staggered chamber design helps isolate the sound produced by regular earplugs and in-ear display drivers.

Note that they are especially large for earplugs. Depending on the size of the ears, you can trim the third flange, which can be done with a sharp scissors or a knife. This set is specially designed for high-end Shure headphones, but should also work similarly.

Custom options: Soundmolds, Snugs, Westone

Earplugs are usually manufactured as a solution that fits all sizes. while some come in packages of three or more, they are all around and meant to stick with a general fit. If you constantly use earplugs throughout your day, and are also constantly frustrated by the fact that they fall out, you may want to look at an option tailored to your ears.

Snugs, SoundMolds and Westone Customs all use custom made plastic that is designed to fit the weeks on the ear flaps and ear canal for a tough, soundproofing that does not come out even under great pressure. They are all extremely expensive by earbud standards. Don't expect to get out of any of these stores for less than $ 200. And they take a while to receive, because you have to meet a specialist and get custom impressions of your ears. But if you are looking for the ultimate in both fit and sound, it can be worth the time and money.

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