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The best solar powered battery packs – review Geek

The batteries are good for keeping the phone charged on the go, but what do you do when the battery goes out of juice? Well, if it was sunlight, you could just put it in the sun.

Solar batteries are relatively inexpensive, and they can keep the phone charged when you are away from a socket. They are perfect for camping trips, hikes, canoeing or power-related emergencies. You can even leave one in the back seat of your car if you are in the middle of nowhere with an empty tank and a dead cell phone. You can also use them to load laptops, GoPros, Pico projectors, smart watches, and any other device you're trying to get out.

These power packs can charge the phone between 4 and 8 times when they are on a full charge. Just keep in mind that most solar batteries need about a week in the sun to get full charge (you can connect them to a socket if you need to charge them faster). But you can realistically use these to drive your phone forever, as long as you don't spend your entire camping trip and drain your phone's battery at Facetime.

Kiizon 25.000mAh Dual USB Waterproof Solar Battery Pack ($ 40)

If you are looking for a durable solar cylinder package with large capacity for intensive outdoor activities, you should look at the Kiizon Power Package. Unlike most battery packs, Kiizon is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about leaving it in the rain or taking it on a boat. And because it has a capacity of 25,000mAh, you should be able to upload your phone more than 7 times with it, especially if you are conservative.

Kiizon has two USB-A outputs and a Micro USB input, so you can use it to charge two devices at a time. Because it is Quick Charge compatible, you do not have to spend your entire hiking trip waiting for your phones or cameras to load. Kiizon also has a set of LED lights and it comes with a carabiner so it can be your little waterproof companion all day and night.

Ayyie 10.000mAh Dual USB Solar Battery Bank ($ 24)

Ayyie is a super affordable solar battery that is designed for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. It has a built-in compass and a set of LED pilot lights, so you can find yourself in the deep dark wilderness. This power supply is also supplied with a carabiner so you can charge it safely when walking or cycling. Unfortunately, this powerhouse is not waterproof, but you have to cut your losses for a battery that is so cheap. In addition, you can always keep it in a Zip-Lock case or something.

Ayyie has a capacity of 10,000mAh, which is enough to charge your phone about 4 times. It also has two USB-A inputs that can simultaneously charge two devices, but they are not Quick Charge compatible. It's kind of a bummer, but for $ 24, this is a steal. No complaints here, buddy.

Error 24.000mAh Dual USB Solar Battery Pack ($ 43)

As we mentioned earlier, most solar batteries take about a week in the sun to get full charge. They are good for a week-long camping trip, but they do not take you off the grid, and they will not flow multiple units for very long. What is the obvious solution to this problem? Please add more solar panels!

Feelle is a solar battery that has three solar panels instead of one. It can achieve full charge after about 35 to 40 hours in the sun, which is radically faster than most solar batteries. Keep in mind that Feelle has a large capacity of 24,000mAh. You can realistically use this powerhouse to keep your phone, computer and some other devices constantly charged without ever connecting to a socket.

This powerhouse comes in a fine leather case so you can look cool when you & # 39; again backpacking in the middle of nowhere. It has two USB-A inputs, but none of them are Quick Charge compatible. Hopefully you can enjoy the outdoors so much that you don't care how fast your phone charges.

RAVPower 25.000mAh 3-inlet battery pack ($ 53)

If you need a high capacity battery that has USB-C compatibility, look at the RAVPower 3 input device. It has a USB-C port, a USB-A port and a Micro USB port, and its use can use these three ports to charge three devices at a time. It's pretty cool.

It is good to charge a solar power package at home before you take it on the road. You know, because they can take a week to load in the sun. If you want to charge this power supply quickly at home, you can charge it with a USB-C and Micro USB cable at the same time. Since this RAVPower package has a capacity of 25,000mAh, the ability to charge it is super fast estimated.

While this RAVPower powerhouse can be an elegant and versatile power plant, it may not be your first choice for a violent camping trip or dirty outdoor adventure. It is the cover of durable plastic, and while it is obviously meant to be out, you probably don't want to leave it in the rain or take it in the canoe.

RAVPower 10.000mAh Solar Battery Pack ($ 32)

If you are looking for a small, affordable solar battery, you should look at RAVPower's 10,000mAh package. It's a bit thinner than most solar batteries, but it still has two USB-A inputs and a Micro USB input, so you can use it to charge some devices at a time.

Unfortunately, this power source does not use the Quick Charge functions, but it has a relatively large capacity for such a low price. This can be the type of powerhouse that you leave in your car, or that you take with you while riding.

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