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The Best Subscription Boxes for Cat Owners – Review Geek

 A cute cat peeking from a cardboard box
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You're subscribed to monthly makeup and vinyl records, but aren't forgetting a certain feline friend?

There are plenty They offer easy, affordable ways to meet your cat's needs every month. Most of these subscription boxes focus on the essentials, like toys, treats, and litter. But some of the kitty litter situation in the cat, or a solution for your kitty litter.

But how do you wade through all the boxes to find the perfect one for your cat? You don’t, because we're done the wading for you. All of these cat boxes start at a reasonable rate for single-cat households. But you have more than one cat, then you can always pay a little extra to get more toys, treats or litter.

For the Generous Cat Owner: Rescue Box ($ 24 +)

If your cat came from a shelter, then you know how important it is to support homeless pets. Shelters rely on food and cash donations to keep animals alive, but donating to a shelter can be difficult when you have to buy food for cats at home.

Luckily, Rescue Box provides a solution. Rescue Box is a subscription service that helps you save money on treats and toys, while also showing your support for shelters. For every month you are subscribed to Rescue Box, the company donates 5 pounds of food and 2 vaccines to animal shelters. Not bad.

For the Essentials: KitNipBox ($ 20 +)

Some subscription boxes can be a little quirky or over the top. If you're just trying to buy traditional cat treats and toys at a discount, then you should take a look at KitNipBox.

Every month, KitNipBox sends you a package full of essential treats, toys and catnip that your feline friend will Love. None of these toys are too small, so you know that your cat will actually use some of them.

KitNipBox's single-cat subscription only costs $ 20 a month, but you can get a better deal on cat essentials if you subscribe to the multi-cat box for $ 30 a month.

For the Litter Box Junkie: Pretty Litter ($ 23 +)

Do you always wait until the last minute to buy kitty litter? Well, maybe you should try a service like Pretty Litter. Every month you are subscribed to Pretty Litter, the company sends you a 4-pound of litter for each cat in your home. What is special about Pretty Litter, and how about 4 pounds of litter last month?

Pretty Litter is actually a brand of hygienic non-clumping litter. It dehydrates your cat's poop without sticking to it, so you don't waste a lot every time you clean the box. That's how you get used to using a 4-pound bag.

Pretty Litter can also be used as an early indicator for some health problems that your cat might encounter. The special color changes depending on the PH balance of your cat's urine, or the presence of blood.

For the Feline Royalty: Whisker Box ($ 35 +)

Not all subscription boxes are for saving money, just for spoiling your cat. Whisker Boxes monthly curated cat boxes are a great way to say "I love you" to a cat that deserves the finest things in life.

Every month, Whisker Box gives you the opportunity to choose a themed box for your cat. These themed boxes range from "Cat Avenue Spa" to "Meowster Ego," and they're choked full of treats, outfits, and stimulating toys that you and your cat will love.

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