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The best technical tour operators for all your cables and small gadgets – review Geek

To keep all cables, chargers, SD cards, batteries, and various accessories retracted to the bottom of your bag, you need some sort of system to keep them organized. Let's look at our favorites.

In recent years I have noticed that some kind of cable creep has happened to me. I used to be able to travel with my Nokia charger and it was about it. Now, it's not surprising to see someone shouting around a variety of USB cables, three charging stones, an external battery, a charger, a Chromecast, a camera charger and who knows what's going on. I am one of them ̵

1; personally I need to carry all the technical add-ons for my iPhone, Kindle, MacBook and DSLR; It adds.

There are many different systems out there that claim that all your technical stuff should be sorted better so let's dig in and look at the best. There is something that suits all technical users.

Best For Many Things: BUBM Double Layer Electronics Organizer ($ 17)

If you bring everything including your HD TV – or just have a clan of gadgetmata kids – BUBM Double Layer Electronics Organizer is exactly what you are looking for. This 10.7 x 8 "x 1" bag is big enough to fit an iPad and has an extra internal divider so you can store even more stuff.

BUBM uses a blend of elastic loops, pouches and zippers so you can wear whatever combination you want from cables, chargers, flash cards, USB sticks and other technical tools. The only problem is that at about one inch thick, larger charge blocks, external batteries, camera chargers, and some international plugs will either not fit or become cumbersome and blocky.

Best for just cables: Cocoon Grid-IT! Organizer 5 "x7" ($ 11)

If you just want to tame your firm knot of cables, a Cocoon Grid-IT! The organizer is the best option. Grid-IT! uses a crazy web of elastic bands which means you can secure your cables but you want.

Cocoon claims that you can also use it to organize chargers, USB drives and other major items, but really, have tried to do just that, it's not really true. It's possible but it's not convenient and I just ended up trying to squeeze my camera charger into a band that wouldn't hold it anyway.

With that said, like a pure cable solution, Grid-IT! is cruel. There are some different sizes but we love 5 "x 7". It is small enough that you do not even have to think about wearing it but still big enough to remove all the cables your technical equipment needs.

Best to just throw things in: Peak Design Tech Pouch ($ 59)

At Review Geek we are big fans of Peak Design. Their products often make our best of lists with good reason. They always have the same caution though: Peak Design equipment, while incredible, is normally one of the most expensive in the category. Peak Design Tech Pouch, at $ 59, is no exception.

What sets Tech Pouch apart is that, instead of using elastic straps or bags, it has flexible inner dividers. At 9.4 "x 5.9" x 3.9 "it is also much thicker than any of our other choices. The combination of a larger bag and flexible compartments means that Tech Pouch is much better at transporting bulky items like laptops, hard drives, chargers and the like. It can really carry all your technical accessories.

It's also much easier to use: you don't have to worry about returning to something awkwardly elastic, you can just throw I found that I actually used Tech Pouch more than any other solution, especially when I was in a hurry.

If you have a lot of bulky gear and don't mind paying more than twice as much as the price of Our next most expensive option, Tech Pouch is best in class. If you just want to keep some cables organized, it's probably a bit much.

Best All Rounder: Skooba R750-300 Cable Stabilizer DLX ($ 23)

In our mind, the best balance between storage capacity, user-friendliness and price is Skooba R750-300 Cable Stable DLX. At 12.2 "x 9" x 1.6 ", it's a bit bigger, and most importantly, a bit thicker than BUBM. Without the splitter, it has much smaller pockets and elastic bands, but if you don't carry USB stuff on an underwater cable

A nice touch with Skooba is that there is an extra zipper on the outside of the front. This is the perfect place for the only cable you always need to take.

While I love my Tech Pouch, for the price, I can really only recommend it to people who travel a lot or absolutely need what is offered. For everyone else, Skooba Cable Stable DLX is the best bet.

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