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The best things from Google I / O so far

Google's annual developer conference started yesterday, and the main key was full of messages, demos, and some all-blowing technology. From Assistant to Android, here are some of the best things to come out from I / O 2019 so far.

Pixel 3a and 3a XL: As expected, Google officially presented the long-lasting and affordable Pixel 3a series. Just like the more expensive Pixel 3, it comes in two sizes, the 399 $ 5.6-inch 3a and the $ 479 6-inch 3a XL. They are both very Pixel phones, with much of the same features as the more expensive brothers. The Android police have an excellent comparison between 3 and 3a if you are interested, or you can look for yourself in the Google Store.

More Android Q-candies: While Android Q-beta buildings have been available on Pixel phones for a few weeks, Google marked some new features that we haven't seen yet. For the first time, a long-awaited dark theme will be available starting with Q Beta 3, along with Focus Mode, enhanced gestures (they are just like iOS now) and so much more. While the features are nice, there is another highlight in Q that cannot be without mentioning: integrity and security. Google said it is the focus of this release, and it supports it with Project Mainline to provide more security updates to more phones.

Assistant and Voice Control: The Most Impressive Demos That Come Without Yesterday's main key, everything about assistant and voice control turned. Google makes some thoughts in this room. First and foremost, the next generation assistant will be ten times faster than the current gene, since the language model has been compressed to a moderate 1

00 MB and will be stored and processed on the device. It does not only mean that it is insanely fast, but also considerably more private.

But it's clear Google has been working overtime when it comes to training voice models because voice recognition demo was easily the most inspiring thing I saw yesterday. A new initiative called Project Euphonia seems to help users with speech loss to communicate better through voice transcription. The video demo is nothing less than unreal. Give it a watch – it's incredible.

There are only a few things that were announced and shown yesterday, but it's a quick look at some of the coolest things.

Otherwise, Ryan Reynolds leaked the entire Detective Pikachu movie, there is a new one-ring robocall scam that you should watch out for, Apex Legends comes to the mobile and more.

  • Detective Pikachu is online … thanks to Ryan Reynolds: Yesterday, Ryan Reynolds an account that shared the entire Detective Pikachu movie on YouTube. It is a fairly obvious plant and a brilliant marketing work. But yes, you can watch the full girl online if you want. [CNET]
  • The ring with a ring comes for you: There is a new robocall method that does not count on you answering the phone, but instead of you calling the number. You will receive multiple calls that only hold one ring each in the hope that you will be curious and return the call. And when you do, you will suffer enormous fees – like calling a 900. It's pretty smart, and I hate it. [Gizmodo]
  • Apex Legends comes to the mobile: Mobile is the new battlefield for games like Fortnite and PUBG, and EA wants to enter the action. Apex Legends will come to Android and iOS … at some point. [Engadget]
  • Talking about Fortnite, it's a cesspool: Fortnite is free to play but make money by selling skins. And if you play without buying these skins, you are the object of being bullied and harassed by other players. These are "compelling" children who play to spend money to avoid catching flakes from other players. Pathetic. [Polygon]
  • Hackers jacked a ton of Bitcoin: 7000 Bitcoin was stolen from cryptobytes Binance. That's up to $ 40 billion dollars. [Coindesk]

In other great Google y news, all Chromebooks will be released this year to be Linux-ready. These apps have added a ton of the tool to Google's computer OS, and it's nice to see it expand into the entire Chromebook range. It's another step toward making Chrome OS a more complete and robust operating system. Excellent. ! [OMG Ubuntu]

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