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The best tools for new homeowners – Review Geek

Mixed work tools on wood
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Few things arouse more excitement (and promise more adventure) than buying your first home. It̵

7;s a place you can actually call your and make your own. But new homeowners may not know that with all that freedom and fun comes a need for an artillery of tools for home improvement projects.

We have compiled a brief list of the important tools that every new homeowner should have, from tools that make it easier to paint to assembling furniture. And do not worry if you are not the prettiest when it comes to DIY home improvement, it’s part of the fun and you’ll learn along the way.

A combination tool set

A combination tool set

Knowing what little tools you need for your new home is difficult. A combination tool kit – like this 168-piece tool kit from DEKOPRO – offers lots of basic tools you need to handle common household chores and repairs. Each of the tools is forged in high quality steel and finished in highly polished chrome. They have a robust and durable construction and are protected against corrosion. The kit comes in a thin, robust case with handles, so it is easy to carry and store.

Here’s a quick list of some of the more notable launch tools included in the set, and we’ve listed some major tools not included in the set below to round things up.

  • Rip Claw Hammer
  • Needle pliers, tongue and groove pliers and lineman’s pliers
  • Combination wrenches, an adjustable wrench and Allen key / Allen key
  • Wire Stripper with a built-in Wire Cutter
  • Screwdriver with various pieces
  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Utility Knife
  • Spring clips in nylon
  • Torpedo level
  • Quick release latch
  • PVC insulating tape

A powerful flashlight

Shining light on a problem

Maglite Heavy-Duty 4-Cell flashlight provides powerful light for scenarios at night or in low light. It shines with 98 lumens and has a beam distance of 267 meters, so it is perfect for use in garages, attics, basements and even when you are out camping. The premium flashlight is built with weather-resistant seals and is anodized from the inside out for corrosion resistance.

You can switch the flow of the beam from spot to river with half a head turn for adjustable coverage. And let’s be honest, the powerful design of the flashlight makes it great to have on hand even with intruders.

A cordless drill


A cordless drill is convenient to have in endless amounts, from helping you mount your TV on the wall to attaching an outlet guard. BLACK + DECKER 20V cordless drill can handle all types of projects and can easily drill through metal, wood and plastic. The drill has a 24-position coupling and can be run up to 750 rpm. The kit also includes 30 accessories, such as drill bits, screwdrivers, magnetic tip holders and nut drivers.

As this is a BLACK + DECKER drill, it has a rechargeable battery that can be used interchangeably with other BLACK + DECKER tools such as jigsaws, shops, leaf blowers and more. Having a lot of tools can use the same batteries is super convenient, as it means you always have a spare battery on hand. And if you want something a little more powerful, try the BLACK + DECKER Impact Driver Kit.

A flexible putty knife

Remove and fix with ease

Having a dedicated filler on hand is perfect for when you need to repair a hole in the wall or scrape off paint. The Red Devil 2-inch Flex Putty Knife offers a comfortable grip and a sturdy blade to handle all the tasks you throw at it. It has a high-carbon steel precision-ground blade that is rust-resistant and a nail adjustment head in solid steel. The handle is made of splitting polypropylene.

A Stud Finder

Find drops (and dad jokes)

If you are trying to find a stud that you can hang a photo from, a dedicated stud finder can quickly work to find one. Zircon StudSensor 70 can detect the center of a wood or metal bolt and warn you of live unshielded AC cables. It can locate the edges of wood or metal up to 0.75 inches deep and the DeepScan mode can locate up to 1.5 inches deep. Five display lights allow the sensor to indicate if you have found the center of the pin or are off to the side, and it can also provide a erasable wall marker to mark the center.

A toilet flask and caddy

To remedy messy situations

Sometimes the toilets get clogged – it’s just a fact of life. But with a good flask in hand, you can take care of a smelly situation in minutes and move on with your day. Single human toilet flask and Caddy have a long narrow profile that is perfectly designed to work with newer toilets. It also has a practical magnetic collar around the top of the kadan that makes it easy to pick it up and carry it to or from the toilet without dripping.

A powerful outdoor extension cord

Connect all things

A good extension cord is really a friend. With one, you can connect all your new tools and use them throughout your house or garden. The 50-foot Heavy-Duty outdoor extension cord from Clean Power has a grounded plug and socket and can handle both small and larger tools. The cord is water, weather and abrasion resistant and flame retardant. Nickel-plated brass blades will not corrode, which in turn prevents bending.

Safety goggles and work gloves made of leather

Safety first

Be sure to work on your projects with a pair of goggles. This pair from DEWALT protects against mold, dust, debris and even has a DEWALT Xtra clear anti-fog coating. The glasses’ soft rubber lining helps them adapt to your face’s unique shape and the adjustable elastic cloth helps you find a comfortable fit.

Safety first

A nice pair of leather gloves is also a must. Mechanix Wear DuraHide gloves are ready to keep up with a hard working day. They are made of genuine leather with an elastic wrist closure and use TrekDry technology on the back of your hands for breathability.

A versatile ladder

Step up to the task

Instead of buying a stair chair, a standard ladder and an ultra-high ladder, go with the M17 Little Giant Ladder. The multi-position ladder can reach up to 17 feet when fully extended, but it is converted to an A-frame for use in shorter areas. It can also be operated for use at 90 degrees, or it can be set up on a staircase or uneven surface. Tilt-and-slide wheels allow you to easily move the steps and it holds up to 300 pounds.

Duct tape!

Say Stick it to Leaks

3M 2979 Multi-Use Duct Tape, Silver, 1.88 in x 60 yd x 7 mil, 1 Pack, Temporary Repair, Patching, Tabbing, Capping Pipe, Marking, Marking

Duct tape is perfect for patching, holding, bundling and other constructions or use in the home.

3M Multi-Use Duct Tape is the ultimate tool for homeowners. It is excellent for bundling, patching, flapping, pipe encapsulation, marking, marking and even for temporary repairs. It is entrepreneurial class, so it is perfect for a variety of light tasks and for professional design applications.

A jigsaw

Cut to the Point

Make clean cuts on your home improvement projects with an easy-to-use jigsaw. BLACK + DECKER 5.0 Amp jigsaw can cut through wood, metal, PVC and other materials like nothing. It has a built-in curve control so you can adjust the saw’s path in four different ways, and the upgraded wire guard means precision cutting with a clear line of sight.

The jigsaw can make 45 degree chamfers and has an adjustable show for increased stability. It also has a 5 amp motor with variable speed that can go up to 5000 stokes per minute. The saw even has a keyless knife clamp for easy tool-free blade change. In addition, since it is BLACK + DECKER, the removable rechargeable battery can be turned off and used with other BLACK + DECKER power tools.

Toolboxes and toolboxes

Storage and organization

Once you have a solid collection of tools, you will need somewhere to store them when not in use. DEWALT TSTAK11 Flat Top Toolbox has an open storage design that is perfect for a decent amount of small tools.

Storage and organization

If you have a large amount of tools or a mixture of small and large tools, a toolbox is a better choice. Keter Rolling Tool Chest has 16 removable storage boxes and a locking system for safety. Smooth wheels make it easy to take with you across your workplace. It even has a durable weather-resistant polypropylene construction that does not rust, peel or dents. The drawers are deep and perfect for storing drills, plinth sets and other tools for home improvement, DIY projects and auto mechanics tools.

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