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The best tools to help your teens drive safely – review Geek

Teens are bad drivers. Unfortunately, kids, it's just that: The insurance company GEICO says one of five 16-year-old teenagers will end up in a fender bender. Here are the best tools to keep your new driver safe.

Of course, the best way to keep a new driver safe, to give them as much pricing as possible, hammer in safe driving habits before they end up on the road alone. But if you want to add some more insurance (in purely figurative sense, you also need literally insurance); you can post your car with some security-focused tools. [1

9659002] In addition to all the specific tools below, check out our more general safety guide for cars, which may be useful to drivers of all ages. We also recommend a dedicated GPS device that can help teen driver drivers get around without distracting alerts from Google Maps on a smartphone.

To erase blind spots: A rear angle rear view ($ 11)

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Handling the reality of a car's blind spots is one of the biggest obstacles for a new driver . You can make these spots much more visible with a replacement mirror, which offers a broader viewpoint that can peek through both backs simultaneously.

The perspective of these angle mirrors takes a bit to get used when they make the cars immediately behind you seem closer – but it will only make the driver more aware of the proximity. The model we have chosen is cheap and easy to use – clamp it over your existing rear-view mirror with spring loaded pliers.

Faraday Phone Bag ($ 23)

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19659002] A Faraday Cage is a casing that blocks all wireless signals from leaving in or out. It seems high tech but it's really just a wire mesh with the network distance set to block different electromagnetic waves. There are plenty of apps and services that try to stop you from being distracted by your phone along the way, but for drivers who still develop their know-how skills we recommend this phone bag with built-in RF-absorbent material – you can hold a little Faraday cage in Your center console, if you want.

The bag makes it completely impossible for new texts, emails and instant messages to appear while your teenager is behind the wheel while still allowing a cable through the Velcro for battery charging or AUX sound. And if there is an emergency, you can simply pull the phone out of the bag to restore all of its wireless power.

Watching Their Habits: Automatic Pro OBD Tool ($ 130)

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Part of the thrill of getting your first car is The feeling of independence and freedom – but as all previous teenage drivers can certify you can have too much of a good thing. There are all kinds of OBD tools that plug into the standard diagnostics port in a modern car that can track things like space and speed, but we like Automatic Pro for its excellent iOS and Android apps and its five-year 3G service built into purchase price. It will see your teenager through the most dangerous part of his driving time.

The Automatic Pro utility includes GPS tracking on GPS devices, an available device and travel history, crash detection, and alerts, and API access tools such as IFTTT. (For example, you can get a warning on your phone when your teen driver comes home.) Automatically also includes free access to the License + app, a training service that rewards teen driver drivers for smooth driving. Note that at this time, the automatic service only works in the United States.

To keep a visual record: A good dash camera ($ 140)

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If your teen driver comes into an accident, it's at least faintly likely it was not their fault. But you have difficulty convincing any insurance inspector of it. Having a visual mail on your side is the ultimate defense, and there's no better way to do than a dash camera. We recommend Vantrue OnDash X3 for most users thanks to its high definition video recording, low-light performance and built-in Wi-Fi for easy download with a phone.

For a little more, you can get a model that includes a built-in camera (to see if the driver was ahem, distracted) or a secondary camera behind the car. The latter can also double as a convenient backup camera, if your car does not have one already.

When leaving the lights: a jumper battery ($ 67)

"You should never drive anywhere without a set of jumper cables," my parents taught me (and we are sure you have a similar lesson). Letting the battery go down is a common mistake for new drivers, often striking them until someone can give them a boost from another car.

But today there is an even better alternative: a portable battery that can give a gas or diesel car just enough juice to start and cause the generator to run, no other car is needed. This DBPower model holds enough charge to start the battery on a massive pickup car or sports car a dozen times over and you can charge it via a regular car jack.

It's convenient for more serious emergency situations with a built-in torch and an 18000mAh battery that can give rise to your cell phone if it's dead. An integrated LCD screen lets you know when the boot battery is full and ready to enter your luggage or glove compartment.

For an unexpected emergency: A flight tool ($ 15)

  safety belt tensioner, window burner, tire meter, "width =" 1000 "height =" 524

If the worst gets worse, your teen driver can be in one serious accident. If that happens, most of the time will stop until help arrives. But if it is not possible (like in a water crash or if the car can not be moved from a busy highway), it must sometimes be out of the car.

and window hammers are an important tool. This gadget contains a recessable blade that will cut a seat belt without any danger at all, and the steel head will crush the safety glass with a few kilograms of power. For smaller trial times, there is also a digital tire and a flashlight. Keep it within reach of the driver, such as in a center console or sunglass space, for fastest access after a collision.

Some new cars offer Teen Driver Tools, for

Teens usually have to settle for borrowing a parent car or driving a used model. But if you plan to buy a new car for your teenager or one for yourself as your new driver is going to lend, you might want to consider models that offer some built-in safety tools specifically designed for teens.

Ford's MyKey system (part of the Ford Sync package on some models) contains options that specify maximum speed limits, maximum volume, more urgent gas warnings, and even limited tire spin, based on the specific key used. Chevrolet offers "Teen Driver Technology" that can automatically enable alarms for blind zones and detected collisions, border speeds and sounds, or give a more careful warning if a speed limit is violated.

Advanced car models from Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz can take some of the same tricks and even shut the car if it leaves a preset geographic zone when the teenager is driving. These features are of course a bit more expensive than our add-ons here, but if you are already in the market for a new car and have a new (or soon new) driver in the house, it's worth factoring in your

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