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The best Twitter apps for each platform – Review Geek

Fenice 4 Run on a tablet
Fenice for Windows

If you are a dedicated Twitter user and have relied on the site to get your fix, a standalone app is something worth looking into. These customers introduce new features and improvements to the quality of life for your Twitter experience, along with removing some of the frustrations of the official Twitter app.

Why use a dedicated Twitter app

While the official Twitter app is good, it has some flaws that stand-alone customers are trying to fix. And the small improvements can go a long way in making it more fun to use Twitter. Here are some general features that many apps offer:

  • Timeline options: Sometimes Twitter can be really stubborn about your timeline if you want to use chronological mode. It is well known that Twitter often uses the algorithm or “Home”
    ; timeline even after they have chosen chronologically, and this is something that most customers will not do. Some customers also have tools to filter through your timeline more effectively, such as keyword by keyword or media filter.
  • Adaptation: This is a big one for many apps. Many customers allow you to customize different visual aspects of Twitter, whether it’s colors, text size or how large images are displayed on your timeline.
  • Multiple accounts: It can be useful to have several Twitter accounts logged in at the same time as you can quickly switch between. Stock Twitter supports this, but it’s still good to see in customers as well.

Best for the web and ChromeOS: TweetDeck


TweetDeck is an official dashboard for Twitter that was acquired by Twitter itself a few years ago. TweetDeck lets you view multiple columns at once, such as your timeline, messages, and notifications – this is what most widescreen monitors do, in principle. You can choose which columns appear on your TweetDeck, so you can customize it to your liking. You can also schedule tweets in advance, use advanced muting and filtering options, and switch between multiple accounts on the go.

TweetDeck also benefits from third-party add-ons, such as BetterTweetDeck and Tweeten. BetterTweetDeck retains the feel of a normal TweetDeck, while adding some new features such as more visual customization, a better media viewer and advanced muting options. The tweet is in the same direction, but the design changes the look of the Tweetdeck significantly. You can download videos directly from the site and use similar muting and visual customization options as BetterTweetDeck.

TweetDeck, BetterTweetDeck and Tweeten are completely free to use.

Best for iOS: Tweetbot


On the standard Twitter app, you do not have many options when it comes to sorting through your timeline. You can display it in algorithmic or chronological modes and that’s it. However, Tweetbot gives you many more options: You can filter your timeline to show only media, retweets or links and create custom filters for specific words or hashtags. Tweetbot gives you full control over your timeline and you can create multiple timelines with different filters that you can switch between.

In addition, Tweetbot also has some other useful features such as “Profile Notes” (so you can write private notes about users you follow), ad removal, and full cloud synchronization with the MacOS version of Tweetbot.

Tweetbot costs a one-time payment of $ 4.99.

Best for MacOS: Twitterific

Icon factories

Twitterific has been designed from the ground up specifically for Mac users, and it gives you an impressive number of options to customize your Twitter experience. You can select and select multiple timelines to be displayed on the screen at the same time, stick to the chronological timeline at all times and even change the font, font size and how the media is displayed on your timeline.

Twitterific is also available on iOS, and all your settings and preferences can be synced between the two platforms.

Twitterific costs a one-time payment of $ 7.99.

Best for Android: Talon

Clinker apps

There are an impressive number of Twitter clients on Android, but we chose Talon for the incredible amount of customization it gives the user. There are hundreds of possible color combinations, you can edit which pages are available via the context menus and use the deep notification settings to make sure the app only bothers you whenever you want.

You can also easily switch between up to two accounts on the go, use the app’s fantastic built-in media viewer for videos, gifs and photos and even schedule tweets in advance. There is also a basic photo editor for cropping and adjusting the photos you want to upload. Wrap all this in a nice clean user interface, and Talon provides a great Twitter experience.

Talon costs a one-time payment of $ 2.99.

Because there are so many options available for Android, we wanted to give Fenix ​​2 a second place for its excellent user interface, theme support and broad features. If you are not completely sold on Talon, it is worth checking it out.

Best for Windows: Fenice 4

Phoenix 4
Fenice for Windows

Fenice 4 is just a great Twitter experience on Windows. Like the other desktop clients mentioned so far, Fenice 4 allows you to select and select multiple timelines to be displayed on the screen at the same time. It also has in-depth closing filters for keywords and hashtags, use of up to two accounts (with the ability to expand to five with in-app purchases) and free space to customize the accent color and column sizes of your timelines.

Fenice 5 is currently under development according to the developer, which will surely give even more features and improvements to the already fantastic app. This is a separate app that you have to pay extra for. Don’t worry, even if you buy Fenice 4 now, the developer has promised a significant discount for Fenice 4 when Fenice 5 is released.

Currently, Fenice 4 costs a one-time payment of $ 2.29.

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