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The best vacuum seal and space saving bag for home organization and travel – Review Geek

Vacuum storage bags seem like an infomercial gimmick but even though they occur in more than a few infomercials they are truly amazing and perfect for home storage and travel. Here are our favorites.

So how does it work? Simply these bags have a valve that allows air to exit but does not come in. This kind of technology really comes to mind when it comes to things like heavy blankets, quilts, clothes or even fun toys. When the seasons change, so do your needs. It's ideal to snap a blanket or two in a bag and seal it, ready to return to it, come cooler weather.

Children have too many fun toys but you have no heart to give away? Vacuum seal with your vacuum cleaner or hand pump! It is also good for travel purposes as you try to pack a lot in a small number of teams. Even if you choose not to use the bags when you pack for the trip because you want to avoid wrinkled clothes, you need to iron when you arrive. We can not say enough good things about holding a bag or two for return journey: you can fold up all your dirty land and compact it down to nothing to make it so easier to travel home goodies so much easier.

Here's our choice of vacuum seal bags out there.

Best Allround: SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags ($ 1

As a general allrounder, you can not go wrong with SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo vacuum storage bags. The package comes with two jumbo size bags that are perfect for extra large things like your duvet, sheets, towels or blankets. They promise to give you 80% more space than any other bag on the market.

That's why these bags use a few different ways to seal. It has a double-zip seal, as well as a tripod with triple seal that is designed to get every little piece of air out of these bags. Antimicrobial materials are used in the bag to keep things safe and hygienic, plus there is a free travel pump for disposal when you do not have a vacuum cleaner nearby to do the hard work for you.

Best For Every Eventuality: Ziploc Space Bag 14 Bag Variety Pack ($ 40)

Do you know that you need decluttering on a large scale but you have no idea where to start? Ziploc space bag 14 Bag Variety Pack is your savior here. The package offers-you guessed it-14 different bags of different sizes. It breaks down to 4 medium-sized apartments, 4 large apartments, 3 extra-large cubes and 3 suitcases. Ziploc even makes a few suggestions about what scenario requires which bag.

At last it is up to you and it serves as a good introduction to decluttering through the vacuum seal in all essentials. There is a bag for each scenario that is very useful when you need to do a bit of everything. The bags offer a double zipper and a turboventil so that things are kept stylish and clogged all the time. All you need is a hand pump or vacuum cleaner.

Best for Travel: RoomierLife Travel Space Saver Bags ($ 18)

When you travel you want to pack candles. Otherwise you will have to carry lots of bags for not much profit. Vacuum seal bags are perfect for cutting your load (in size, if not weight. They are not magic). RoomierLife's travel space Saver Bags is a good option for this. The 8-pack comes with 4 large bags and 4 medal bags, so they are a good mix of bags to store towels or smaller clothes.

The beauty here is that there is no need for a vacuum cleaner or pump for these bags. Instead, you only pack, zip and rolls. The air goes out of the valves at the bottom of the bag, and you are good at walking. They are also transparent so that TSA is not disturbed in the smallest. Suitable durable, they are a must if you travel frequently.

Best for Durability: Vacwel Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags ($ 22)

Due to the way vacuum sealing bags work, it is imperative that they are all quite durable. A small hole and the whole tank fall apart and you end up with an explosion of clothes and blankets. All the bags listed here are quite durable, but Vacwel Jumbo vacuum storage bags are extra durable.

They promise to use 25% thicker and stronger materials than other bags so you do not have to worry if your pets (or children) love to disturb all your amazing decision making plans. These bags are extra large so you can pack mostly as you may need to seal. All you need is you and your vacuum cleaner nozzle. This variety comes in a pack of six that should be good for most.

Best for humid environments: Tiergrade Jumbo vacuum storage bags ($ 26)

Many vacuum sealants promise to be waterproof and antibacterial in nature, but few can hold up to a really moist environment. See, a humid environment can interfere with the seal that could lead to some ugly problems with your storage. Tiergrade Jumbo vacuum storage bags are often quoted as super reliable, even in your clog basement or garage. They can also deal with some kind of flood (not that you need this, hopefully).

In addition to the distinctive advantages, they are also very capable storage bags. They are large enough to store some blankets at a time or a sturdy blanket. A mixture of a double zipper and a leaky air flask means that everything is stored super safely as well. You can seal them through a manual pump or vacuum cleaner.

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