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The best ways to read news on your iPhone or iPad

iPhone and iPad are good for consuming news, whether it is current business or last at your favorite sports. The iPad is especially suited for kicking back and reading, and we will tell you how to get the most out.

With the App Store filled in with new apps for your iPhone or iPad, it can be difficult to know which ones to download and in some cases buy. With Apple, offering its own news reading app, Apple News, do you even need a third party solution at all? We suggest that yes, you do and we will tell you about some of the apps we use to keep pace with what is happening around us in many different categories.

Some of these apps will be free and some will require a fee.


Feedly is an app and service that got a lot of moves when Google shut down its Google Reader RSS service a few years ago, and for good reason. A free Feedly account gives you much the same functionality as the previous Google Reader, and there are apps available for iPhone and iPad that let you read a nice experience. You can add your own sources, and Feedly will also offer some suggestions if it is something you are with.

With a free Feedly account, you get access to news from up to 100 sources as well as iPhone, iPad, and web apps, with ads entered into your feeds. If you want to get rid of the ads, and add unlimited sources, consider $ 5.41 per month Feedly Pro subscription.

Download Feedly from the App Store


The procedure Nuzzel takes is very different. If you read a lot, it is worth it, and there are many more features thrown in. to other apps, as it does not collect news sources as such. Instead, it tracks the people you follow on social networks and then transitions the links they talk about. The more people talk about a link, the more it is considered important. Nuzzel shows the link, as well as all the people you follow and speaks actively about it. It makes Nuzzel a great source of content because it means that you will always see links that you would not normally get over. The bonus? Nuzzel is free.

Download Nuzzel from the App Store

Apple News

The Apple News application comes on all the iPhone and iPad and that means it is uniquely placed to become a go-to place for news. The app is undoubtedly the nicest of the gang to use, and it can mean a lot to some people, including us. It's not good if the news sources are weak and while Apple News has a lot to choose from, it's not all available, and you can't just give it an RSS feed and send it on the go. Websites must choose to support Apple News, which means that some sites and people you read are unlikely to be available in Apple News. It may be a problem, as well as how to share news from the app, turn the URL into a special Apple News URL, making it useless to anyone who doesn't have it installed.

Download Apple News from App Store [19659010] Olast

A classic RSS reader that has been around for a long time, Unread is the app that many of the so-called iOS power users will drive you against, and for good reasons. It is a nice app, but still understated. It goes out of the way and lets the content talk, which is not something that many competing apps can say.

What makes us so big fans of unread is that it is a good old-fashioned RSS reader in the form of the early App Store days. It gets you the content you want and immediately gets out of the way so you can do what you went there to do: read words. For that purpose, there are many themes that change how unreadable looks, which makes it perfect for the tinkers out there.

Download Unread on App Store


Billing as a service for power users, Inoreader is an RSS replacement option with related apps, just like Feedly. What makes Inoreader so powerful is its ability to assign colors to keywords to make them stand out or create filters to ensure that specific types of news articles are displayed together. Do you want to see articles from several sources, but that includes the phrases "iOS" and "RSS" in the same article? Inoreader is the app for you. You need to create a free account to get started, but when you do, you can sign in to the Inoreader iPhone or iPad app and start creating filters for your heart's content. You can even combine the power of the Inoreader with unread, get you the best of both worlds.

Download Inoreader on App Store

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