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The best Yoga accessories that help with challenging positions – review Geek

Yoga accessories can benefit both beginners and experienced yogis. Whether you try to increase your flexibility or give you a more challenge, check out our favorite yoga tools that enhance your yoga experience.

Everything from belts to blocks to even socks can enhance your shape, attitude and grip. Whether you need something to stabilize your body under a challenging position or if you want a tool to achieve an even deeper stretch, we have something for everyone. So take your yoga mat and make sure you find an accessory (or two) from our list below!

Best Yoga Strap: REEHUT Yoga Strap ($ 6- $ 8)

Yoga straps are used not only to hold different bags, but also to increase your flexibility by deepening your stretches. With REEHUT Yoga Strap you have the choice to choose between a 6, 8 or 10-foot strap that is robust enough to provide you with the necessary support for your balance.

Can not draw your foot behind your head? Can your en-benduva do some help? A strap can make these features (and more) easier for you to achieve. Adjust the strap depending on the position, place it around your foot, leg or arm and complete your move! By adding the extra length and / or amount of motion, this belt helps beginners prepare for advanced places by helping you build your flexibility and strength.

REEHUT can also be used for physical therapy because it does a great job to help you stretch. If you're looking for straps that focus exclusively on stretching, complete with grip lashes, check out Vive Stretch Strap .

Best Yoga Block: Yogree Yoga Block ($ 6)

Just like REEHUT straps can help you achieve the difficult positions, Yogree Yoga Block can help you achieve the right positions. Using this block, beginners can prepare for the correct position, while injured yoga can still work without impairing the injury. Even those who are experienced can benefit from exploring different poses.

This block will help you during your yoga sessions and in the long run by improving your flexibility! Just place it on the ground and put your hands or feet on top. You can also use it to support your head or neck while lying, or you can use it to balance your center of gravity when sitting, standing or hooking.

Yogree is made of a robust, high density foam that is durable and lightweight. In addition, the corners have oblique edges that allow for a smooth, easy grip – even if it's sweaty! If you want to stay in some positions longer and with more support, yogree is an excellent yoga block picking. A short second is this cork JBM Yoga Block which comes with a yoga band but is a little more expensive.

Best Yoga Wheel: UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel ($ 38)

Whether you have not perfected your backbend, want to stretch your back, or you're ready to try out new yoga shapes, UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel can help. This yoga wheel, made of a non-flexible PVC material lined with a thick outer padding, can withstand up to 550 pounds. Lie on top of the wheel to open up the chest, relieve back pain and even reach the difficult positions.

Are you unsure what you can achieve with this wheel? UpCircleSeven comes with a guide containing 18 places, so you know where to start. It's not just for your back either! You can develop your core strength by placing your feet on the wheel while in a launch mode. Even increase your total blood circulation by making an inversion bag (with your feet in the air, hold the wheel with your hands).

Best Yoga Ball: Live Infinitely Exercise Ball ($ 21)

Yoga balls are great if you want to strengthen your core and help with your balance. Spice up your yoga routine by adding to this Live Infinitely Exercise Ball. It comes in 5 colors and 4 sizes, and can handle up to 2 200 pounds of static weight and 600 pounds of weight with extra power. As one of the strongest yoga cups on the market, it is also durable enough to be used as an office chair all day (which is a great way to improve posture and develop your back muscles).

The Live Infinitely setting is simple: it comes with a pump that you can use to blow up the ball, and it even has an extra air plug and valve removal tool. You also get a digital guide with workouts and positions you can achieve with this ball. Whether you use this ball for yoga, pilates, high intensity training or low effects, you get extra support and stability as well as a challenge with new positions!

Best Yoga Socks: Muezna Non-Slip Yoga Socks ($ 7-17)

If you did not read our article about yoga mats and do not have a rug that prevents you from slipping around, you might need some yoga socks. These Muezna Non-Slip Yoga socks in cotton have silicone gel grip on the soles, keep your toes free and give you more stability (as well as provide a better and more tactile feeling). Not only does your tattoo design balance, but the toes are also separated as preventing the athlete's foot by limiting wick space for fungi to grow.

You can make advanced movements in these socks without slipping or moving because there are elastic strips that wrap over your foot and behind your ankle. In addition, you can find the best fit by choosing from four different sizes. And do not think you're limited to yoga with these Muezna socks – you're free to do pilates, ballet, boxing, tai chi or any food activity!

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