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These auto redialing apps can call busy phone lines over and over again until you get through «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Busy telephone lines are nothing new. Just ask any radio station that holds a viral call-in contest. Today, however, the most active lines are not so fun – your state's unemployment office receives a record number of calls, which makes it extremely challenging for you to get through. But there are apps out there that can help you break through the noise.

They are called "auto redial" apps, and they work just as they sound – the app calls a number for you, but if the line is busy and the call is disconnected, the app simply dials on its own, saving the trouble of do it yourself. Let the app continue redial and redial, and eventually, you should break through to a real person at the other end.

Why We Need Auto Redialing Apps

Auto Redialer is good for calling your state's unemployment office, local radio contest, DMV, a state representative or other government representative, or even your grandmother who still uses dial-up internet. If you get a busy tone over and over, they help reduce your workload.

For those of you who have used landlines before, you may know the feature of "continuous redial", but telecommunications companies use different names such as repeated redial, redial or redial dialing. It even has its own national shortcut that works with most landlines ̵

1; * 66 to start it after a busy signal call and * 86 to stop it.

However, mobile operators do not provide the same service codes as landlines and continuous dialing is one that was skipped by wireless providers. Smartphone manufacturers have not yet received a built-in software tool to help you dial numbers, though Samsung appears to have had an automatic redial feature previously on some Galaxy models.

All major phones manufacturers have the double-call redial feature in the built-in phone app, where you press the green call button after you end a call to redial the number and then another call to dial it. But there's a lot to tap on your part, and that's where third-party automatic redial programs come in.

Which auto calling apps are best

These types of apps are only available on Android. If you're an iPhone user, you're good at apps. The reason? Android has fewer restrictions than iOS when it comes to apps that utilize your smartphone's system. So Android has no problems with apps that use OS and phone features on their own, while iOS makes it impossible.

If you just search for "auto redial" in the Play Store, you will encounter a literal sea of ​​options. Seriously, there are many apps out there. For the most part, all these apps do the same thing – automatic redial when the line is disconnected. But some are better than others and offer some useful features you may want to take advantage of. We take a look at five popular Play Store options to see what makes these very similar apps different from each other.

You should know, according to a few app callers, Android makes it impossible for their apps to recognize a busy signal. This means that the apps will not end the call automatically if it hits one of these tones. Instead, you either have to hang up manually or simply wait for the call to be interrupted. Either way, the app should start calling again when the call is disconnected.

App 1: Auto Dialer Expert

If you are looking for pure customization with your automatic redial, Auto Dial Expert may just be the app for you. The program offers the ability to fine-tune almost all of its settings, from the number of calls to call length and even custom themes.

While other options on this list offer maximum calls anywhere from 101 to 9,999 calls, Auto Dialer Expert places no limit here at all. That said, you can choose to limit how many calls the app places, anywhere from a call, all the way to, seemingly, infinity.

The same can be said for the duration of the call. You do not have to decide to limit the duration of the call, but if you wish, you can choose to have the app connect the call immediately after a connection, all the time by turning off the call for 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.

However, there are three ways to take advantage of its automatic dialing features. First you can use your regular phone app with it, but you cannot set the duration of the call in this way. Second, you can use it as your default dialer, where you call through it and not your phone app. One way to do that is to call until you get through, so when someone picks up the process ends. The second way is to set parameters such as call length, number of calls, delay etc.

If you have many calls to make, Auto Dialer Expert has your back. It supports an "automatic redial list", which allows you to string together a list of numbers that the app will work through. Each number on the list also has its own settings, so you can choose how many attempts the app will make with each call, as well as how long each call will last once connected. The app also lets you import and export CSV lists, saving you lots of time from having to manually enter each number manually.

If you dive into the Auto Dialer Expert settings, you will find some extra features that really round out the app. You can choose either a light or dark theme, or you can match the system standard; you can check if the app is your phone's default phone app or not; and you can choose whether the speakerphone is enabled by default when you make a call.

The app contains banner ads, but they are not annoying enough to care. It also includes three in-app purchase options for the full ad-free premium version ($ 2.49), one ad-free premium version ($ 0.99), and one ad-free version without premium features ($ 1.49). What these premium features are is unknown at this time.

App 2: Auto Redial | Fixed Call ReDialer

Auto Callback has one main issue – ads. The ads plague the app and show up without prior notice. Of course, they are also full-screen ads, not just banner ads that you see in Auto Dialer Expert. Still, if you can look past these interruptions, you may find that Auto Redial is a good option for you.

A big sale for this app is the number of calls you can make. It's not technically unlimited, but the app lets you place up to 9,999 recurring calls. I can't imagine how much time it would take to take 9,999 calls, so it's actually an unlimited amount. In addition, you will find that you can choose to automatically dial anywhere from one second to 5,000 seconds.

While the app boasts a feature where you can end a call automatically after one to 500 seconds or one to 500 seconds minutes, reviews do not speak too kindly about how well the feature really works. The developers acknowledge that the feature may not work "on specific devices", but they do not mention which devices they may be.

As Auto Dialer Expert, Auto Redial offers dialing list. With a little effort at the beginning, you can set up a list of numbers you want to redial. However, unlike Auto Dialer Expert, you cannot customize your settings by individual number. Your overall settings apply to all numbers in the list. However, you can import a CSV file so that you do not have to manually enter all of these numbers in the first place.

Unfortunately, there are no purchases in the app to remove ads or get other features.

App 3: Auto Redial

It really is not the flashiest app in this list, but Auto Redial is just second to Auto Dialer Expert when it comes to customization. It is also dual-SIM compatible if you are looking for an app that can take advantage of your smartphone's two SIM cards.

First, let's check out our limits: The app allows you to go up to a maximum of 2,001 calls and even though it is far from unlimited, there are a number of calls . You can choose to make the time between each call as little as a second or as long as 300.

Although the app does not have a traditional call list as the first two options here, it does have a feature for scheduling calls for the future. As an alarm, you can choose to either schedule a call for a certain amount of time and day or schedule one to repeat as many times as you want.

You will also find useful features here such as automatically turning on the speakerphone when you start your calls, alerts before the app start ringing according to schedule, and automatically terminate the call if the call length exceeds five minutes. Like Auto Dialer Expert, the app is compatible with light and dark mode, as well as a setting that matches the system theme.

We've had friends who have used this app to reach their unemployment agency and they have been successful. So even if it is not as functional as the two previous apps, it gets the job done. The app has banner ads, but has the option to buy a version without advertising for a hefty $ 7.99 price tag (the banner ads are not as annoying).

App 4: AutoRedial – Quick Redial Made Easy

AutoRedial is not a flashy app in the least. It has a modest user interface and feature set. That said, it is not a bad choice if you are looking for something simple to make calls for you.

With the first three apps on our list, the game's name was either customization, a variety of features, or a combination of the two. AutoRedial is about as simple as it gets. Enter the desired phone number, choose whether to enable or disable the speakerphone, and then select how many calls the app will place (anywhere between one and 101). The three buttons under "Enter number" allow you to make a call, end a call and access your contacts. That's about it.

Well, at least as far as the main screen is concerned. If you go to the settings you will find some other options. You can choose to automatically redial after zero seconds, up to 60 seconds; enable or disable the screen during redial; having the speaker on or off; use "Smart Audio Redial", which does not explain how it works; and select your number of call attempts, from one to 101.

But that's not really all that Auto Redial has to offer. From the hamburger menu, you can clear your call history, view recent calls and check your favorites. You can even see all the new features the developer wants to highlight, although it's unclear how old the list really is.

This is the only one the app on our list of zero ads and zero purchases in the app.

App 5: Auto Redial | call timer

If you thought AutoRedial was easy, just wait until you see Auto Redial (not to be confused with App 3's Auto Redial name). The app's main screen is the definition of bare bones, and offers just enough features to dial whatever number you need. That said, dig deep enough, and you'll find some other settings that can make Auto Auto dialing worth your time.

When you first launch the app you will see a simple screen – you can choose to end the call automatically, anywhere between zero and 60 seconds or zero and 60 minutes (zero which means the call does not end automatically). During that, you can choose your automatic redial intervals, anywhere between one and 60 seconds or one and 60 minutes.

You would not be mistaken for think these are the only features the app has to offer, as it's not obvious where to find others. But if you press the plus (+) button and go to Settings, you will find a number of more options hidden away. Here you can choose to set a vibration and / or audible alarm 10 seconds before the end of the call, which is only useful if you set a time limit to end a call on the main screen.

You can also check if the speaker starts automatically, choose from ten different background colors (no light mode option), and a priority number for multiple-number contacts. But the real gems are the last two options – "Activate the button to keep talking", which lets you continue chatting if you have auto-end enabled, and "Call Recorder", which will record your phone calls directly to your device. [19659057] These auto redial apps can call busy phone lines over and over for you until you get through ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

  These auto redial programs can call busy phone lines over and over for you until you get through

The app has ads, but you can pay $ 0.99 in the app to remove them.

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