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This Google camera feature has just got a bunch of new tricks. This is how they work


Use your iPhone or Android phone camera with Google Lens.

Angela Lang / CNET

Google has introduced several new updates to its lens tool designed to make it easier for you to shop remotely and for students to learn at home. Google Lens is the company’s image recognition feature that works with your phone’s camera to identify objects. It connects to Google Assistant and Google’s search database, and often projects augmented reality pictures.

To use these features, open your Google or Chrome app on your Android or iPhone ($ 699 on Amazon) and select Lens icon in the search bar. Here’s what you can do with the new tricks when they are available on your phone.

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Find a product you have been looking for

If you discovered a sweater or jacket on Pinterest that you particularly like but do not seem to find out where to buy it, Google can now help. When you tap and hold an image in the Google Search or Chrome apps on your Android phone, Lens helps you find the item (or similar).

It will also suggest ways to design it – like pairing it with jeans or other clothing.

Google says that this feature will soon be available to iPhone users, in addition to Android phone owners.

Buy cars as if you were at the dealer

Whether you are too busy to go to the dealer, or if you feel more comfortable shopping from home, you will soon be able to take the car buying process with you to your phone or at least skip the research.

When you search for a car in the Google app, it shows an AR model of the vehicle, what it looks like in different colors and details of cab technology, such as the dashboard. You can even use Google Lens’ AR to “see” the car in your driveway.

Let Google help your kids with their math homework


Whether your children are in the classroom or learning online, homework is still a part of daily life. Google has added one Lesson icon of the lens tool that allows you to use your iPhone or Android phone camera to take a photo of what your student needs help with.

For example, if your child needs a hand with a math equation, Google Lens shows step-by-step instructions on how to complete the problem. Lenses can also help children read if they have trouble pronouncing a word.

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