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This is how you view and delete all data pages saved on your iPhone or iPad

  Web page data screen

When you visit a website on an iPhone or iPad, data exchanges are saved on the device. Cakes and other cached data eventually begin to take up significant space, so you may want to clean them. Like this.

Periodically clearing data as iOS stores can be a good idea for a number of reasons. In addition to the fact that these sites collectively store a lot of data on your devices, this data can be used to track your visits as well. Websites save cookies to your devices in order to tell you when you visit again, and while it may be beneficial to stay logged in and save settings, not everyone likes it.

If you want to make sure websites can "keep tabs on you, you might also want to remove the information they save to your device. If you're small in space, you might just want to clear everything.

How to view and delete data

To get started, open the Settings app, then tap "Safari."

 Open settings and press Safari

Browse now at the bottom of the screen and press "Advanced."

 Press Advanced ]

Then click "Site Data" at the top of the screen.

 Touch Website Data

The next screen shows the sites that use the most data, if you want to see them all, click "View all sites." To delete all data for all sites, click "Delete All Web Data."

 Tap View All Websites or Delete All Web Data

If you prefer to delete data for a single site, swipe it to the left, then press the "Delete" button as shown.

 To the left of an object and press delete

Although iOS can delete some of these data during normal household activities when it finds that a device has low storage space, it is always a good idea to Keep tabs on the data stored on your iPhone or iPad. This is a way to do exactly that, and we think you will be amazed at how quickly the total amount of data begins to balloon.

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