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This TWRP option lets you manage Magic modules and so much more on OnePlus devices «OnePlus :: Gadget Hacks

TWRP has been the king of custom recovery on Android for several years now, thanks to device compatibility and core features. But there’s a new player in town – at least for OnePlus devices – and it has many useful features that can finally make you dig into TWRP.

Sky Hawk Recovery Project (SHRP) is a new custom recovery for OnePlus devices that offers some exciting features. Sky Hawk is actually based on the latest 3.4.0-0 version of TWRP, but you would not guess it from watching it. The team has integrated so many visual changes and extra alternatives to Sky Hawk that it easily stands on its own as a good TWRP alternative.


Install Sky Hawk Recovery on your OnePlus

Before you can start using Sky Hawk Recovery on your OnePlus, you must already have TWRP installed. If you do not have TWRP installed or need a little extra help with this part, you can visit one of the guides below to get it taken care of.

Once TWRP is installed, you can download the Sky Hawk installation file for your OnePlus device from one of the links below. If necessary, be sure to place the file in an easy-to-find location on your device, such as the “Download”

; folder.

Right now you need to boot into TWRP, find the Sky Hawk installer, tap it once, and then drag the slider to install it. When done, go to “Restart” and then select “Recovery”. After a few seconds, start the new custom Sky Hawk reset. Enter your PIN or password, then you can access the main menu. Now you are ready to explore all the new features it has to offer.

Unique features for Sky Hawk recovery

What makes Sky Hawk so unique compared to the latest version from the official TWRP team? A lot indeed! It has some nice things about it that can catch your eye. Based on my experience with Sky Hawk so far, it is designed to be a household name for OnePlus custom recoveries. I will cover some of the most notable features below, which should give you a good idea of ​​what to expect.

Built-in Magic Manager for modules

Magic Manager in Sky Hawk does not require any other third party modes to use, it acts as a standalone feature. You can disable, delete and view information about each module currently installed on your device. You can also turn on the “Core Only Mode” switch to disable all modules at once, which can save you from a startup loop. You can even use the “Unroot” option to delete Magic completely.

Built-in theme manager for customization

You can actually tame TWRP yourself if you know what to do, but Sky Hawk has its own theme manager for the moment. You can completely update the look and feel of the custom recovery environment to suit your own personal style with minimal effort. With Sky Hawk, you can also change things like theme colors, status bar settings, the dashboard icon, and new hub-bar styles.

Once you have set your customization options, just click on the color scroll icon at the bottom right to install your selected options. It will apply your theme settings in seconds, then you should notice the changes immediately when the main menu appears. Pressing the “Reset” button resets the default theme settings as needed.

3. Lock screen password for extra security

Something to keep in mind, you must always enter your security information before TWRP or Sky Hawk can decrypt your data. However, with Sky Hawk, you can add a pattern or password with lock screens on top of this to double the security of your device. You would not just let someone run around in your custom recovery environment, would you?

Under the “Security” section, you can tap the pattern icon to set a lock screen pattern or the password icon to set a unique password. In either case, you must confirm your changes by tapping the reboot icon to restart to reset. Once you have entered the PIN code or password as usual, you will be greeted with the new lock screen security you have just set.

4. Reinstall Sky Hawk & Magic automatically

When flashing a ZIP file, such as an OTA system update, you can use the “Inject SHRP after installation” option to automatically install Sky Hawk Recovery. You can do the same to maintain root access after an OTA update by selecting the “Inject magic after installation” option. Using both of these together will not only save you time, but will also make the updating process a breeze for root users!

If you see the message “SHRP injection interrupted / failed”, you must install SHRP manually. Because Sky Hawk is a relatively new custom recovery, it will sometimes be a problem.

5. A lot of extra tweaks

In the “Tweaks” section, you can select older or normal options for backgrounds, which would be useful if a theme you have installed has not been updated for a while. You can also remove the fingerprint lock on your device if something goes wrong (or someone else added their fingerprint instead).

Removing the power encryption on your device is something that may be required if your custom ROM or kernel requires it for certain functions. And finally, you can enable or disable the Camera 2 API, which can offer more advanced camera features on specific devices.

If you tap one of these options to enable or disable them, you will appear with this “Confirm Flash” screen. Tap the selection icon at the bottom to confirm your choice, then you’re good to go.

6. Some random settings to think about

In the “Settings” section, go to the “SHRP” tab two specific options that you may want to consider turning on. If you select “Prevent automatic reboot after OTA” you will have more control over a system update. This is useful if you have other files to install manually, such as custom kernels or other modes.

When you pair it with the “Install Magic automatically after OTA” option, you will never forget to flash Magic again after a system update! Failure to install Magic after an OTA update is likely to cause a soft boot loop, which is something to avoid for sure. As a side note, you do not need to check the “Inject magic after installation” setting if you use this option when flashing the ZIP file.

end Notes

The features described in this guide are just the beginning of what will come for this custom reset. Sky Hawk is built with the idea of ​​customization, which means that there will be more new features and options added over time. Make sure your Sky Hawk Recovery stays up to date with all the latest features and system stability improvements as well.

If for any reason you want to return to TWRP, you can download the ZIPR file for the TWRP installer for your device and flash it in the same way as you did for Sky Hawk. The only difference here, though, is that you use the Sky Hawk installation screen instead of TWRP. When TWRP is done with the installation and you restart to reset, everything should be fine to go.

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