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Tik Tok: What it is and how to use it to possibly become an internet experience

  Tik Tok

It's harder than you think to become popular on social media.

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Tik Tok is a social video app where you can see people lip sync or dance to songs or create videos of you who do the same. With over one billion downloads on Android and iPhone ($ 1000 on Amazon) Tik Tok is a fast growing social network that is particularly popular in Asia.

Tik Tok follows in the Twitter tracks before it shuts down the Vine app in 2017. A new app, Byte, is expected to replace Vine, which indicates the demand for this type of social video.

How to start with Tik Tok

Start by downloading Tik Tok on iOS, Android or Amazon App Store. Videos automatically start playing and you can poke around the site, but if you want TikTok's playful videos to get you 15 second fame you need to create an account.

To register, tap the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen. You can sign up with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, your phone number or email address. The app will link to the platform you choose or you can register manually.

If you register manually, you must enter your birthday. Then enter your phone number or email and enter a password. Tik Tok will verify that you are not a robot and you are completely set up.

  tik-tok "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/9RvmFo9qkOBKyxs7m0x0dsena_0=/2019/05/10/11351fb9-b7ef-40dd-aed1-63668ae9d73c/tik-tok-2.jpg

Here's what you'd expect to see in the Tik Tok app.

Screenshot of Shelby Brown / CNET

Feel the Tik Tok app

OK, don't panic. Before you start following any people or enjoy video clips, the For You feed will be a pretty random hodge-podge of content. So start by browsing and see what you find or you can start on the following tab and synchronize your contacts to find your friends in the app. The Discover tab is also a great place to find content. See which hashtags as trends and look for what you are interested in.

If you like a video, double-click it or tap the heart key. Most ways of interacting with a video can be found on the right side of the screen – the creator's profile, "like" heart, comment section, sharing options, and the rotating icon showing other videos that use the current song.

If you press the screen for a long time, you can save a video, add it to your favorite collection, or say you're not interested in it. You can also access the creator's profile by dragging to the left. From there you can follow them. The layout is similar to Instagram, except that it is only videos, so it should not be too foreign.

When you become more involved in the platform and engage with more people, you can find similar and comments from your followers on the Messages tab. Your private message inbox is also available on the Messages tab. To make some adjustments to your account, such as privacy settings or press messages, for example, tap the profile icon and then the three-point settings in the upper right corner.

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If you ask nicely, your friends can help you film.

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How to make a Tick Tok video

Ready to make your first video? Point to the white "+" at the bottom of the screen and give Tik Take the necessary permissions it requests. You can either film something new or upload a video. I uploaded an old Snapchat video of my cat in a chest of drawers because why not? You can trim a video immediately after uploading.

Now you can look good. Your audio editing options are at the top right, and the video editing controls are located at the bottom left of the screen.

To add a song to your post, tap Select sound at the top right. From there you can search for songs by playlists, popularity or hashtags. Once you've found the perfect melody, click the red checkbox to add it. Use the Mixer tool or Trim to get the song exactly how you want it.

You can select basic filters by pressing the tri-color icon at the bottom of the screen or by pulling left. Touch the smiley face to add stickers, GIFs, or emoji. Some of the stickers are animated. One you drop one in your video, you can drag it in place or, if you prefer to remove it, to the top of the screen where a small trash can be displayed.

  TikTok "data-original =" https://cnet4.cbsistatic.com/img/abPC2I7BrJWqbSl_9LAcY9NVN3w=/2018/08/21/1b10de78-0225-48bf-a8d9-c2581a824af9/tik-tok-app.jpg[19659029] TikTok

The popular social video program has been downloaded over one billion times.

César Salza / CNET

Take your video to the next level by pressing Effects. Here you will find more visual filters to release your video like Rainbow, Water, Snow, Feathers and more. The nice part is, you can change filters as much as your video allows. Simply press a filter to apply it and release to stop. Touch the stickers to add the Snapchat style filter to the video.

In Effects, you can add transitions such as Scroll, Rotate, Slip and more. Drop Split, please, the screens but you like up to nine ways. Finally, you can add reverse effects, flash (like a double or triple take) or slow motion to your video. Before publishing, press Select Cover to create a thumbnail that others will see when they find your video.

Are you dizzy yet? If your video is ready to go, tap Next. If you use Instagram, the publishing screen is the same. There is a text box to write a little about your video, add some hashtags or tag friends. Customize your settings by clicking Who can see this video and choosing between public, friends or private (meaning you can only see it). You can also switch comments on or off. Save the video to draft, automatically add it to Twitter, or send it to Tik Tok only.

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Double-check your personal preferences before publishing a video.

Screenshot of Shelby Brown / CNET

Whatever privacy settings you have chosen for this video, Tik Tok will ask for confirmation before submitting. You'll see a warning so you know your account is public and all public video is visible to everyone. Tik Tok continues to tell you about private account options in settings. Tik Tok also notes in a separate warning that even though all of your settings are private, your videos still need to follow the community guidelines.

Check out your profile to see your uploaded video.

That's good, but how do I become known?

While internet story may seem lighter than ever, we cannot guarantee anything. A single video that goes viral and skyrocketing a person to internet fame is quite rare, but here are some general tips that will get you on your way to a verification mark in no time.

  1. Post a lot. Like much .
    If you do not succeed on a viral video out of the gate and keep this momentum, it takes time and commitment to establish a presence at Tik Tok. Create a schedule for yourself so that you submit regularly enough to create a steady stream of content. Also do not be afraid of live streams; Try to make them about once a week.

  2. Find your "thing"
    Everyone is good at something. Unfortunately, the internet is big and many people are good at the same thing. When you begin your journey of internet fame, look for that extra thing to set up your videos from everyone else. The more niche, the better. Once you've found your battle, keep it consistent. Do not do a makeup tutorial one day and then show how to fix a TV next.

      tik tok "data-original =" https://cnet3.cbsistatic.com/img/DudZUZfRwBnA_-5aUubieWiP5Z8=/2019/05/10/9eddfb9e-6b6d-452f-b512-9893c1c598ee/gettyimages-1073325576.jpg [19659048] tik took

    Getting famous about Tik Tok takes up a lot of time.

    AFP / Getty Images

  3. Make high quality videos
    You do not have to go to the film school, but if you are looking to create an online presence, you should present a polished product. You don't want to follow someone who doesn't post quality videos either, right? Don't turn on the camera's equipment, but maybe invest in a tripod for your phone (they can run as little as $ 5 on booklets or $ 8 on Amazon). Read the video composition while you are in the cashier.

  4. Join Social Accounts
    Odds are, you have good luck if all your social media accounts are linked. You even get more luck to the more social media accounts you're on. You closely follow your favorite celebrities and influencers on multiple platforms, so don't you want your followers to do the same? More platforms that follow follow more exposure and a larger audience for your videos to reach. Don't compromise your security for internet fame . Maybe create a Finsta and protect your private Instagram. If you get enough followers, you can create a page on Facebook and keep your personal account private.

      tiktok4 "data-original =" https://cnet4.cbsistatic.com/img/RqlqXn4kR6s7I-KDCGuvxKW6Wz4= /2019/05/10/001225a1-0384-4fa4-a88c-3e510cd8bbfb/tiktok4.jpg

    Hashtags is one of the most important parts of social media.

    Screenshot of Shelby Brown / CNET

  5. Follow to follow
    Engaging with your followers is a great thing. You know how exciting it is when your favorite podcast or celebrity retweets you or likes your Instagram post. It is not necessary to give someone the cold shoulder. If they comment on one of your posts or a video, you like it and comment back. Of course, always keep safety in mind, as always. Some negative comments can be constructive because they can help you improve your content. If you will be in the public eye, not everyone will like what you do. Other comments or messages may be harassment, scary and abusive. Use your space for discretion. Report and remove the trolls . Don't forget to interact with other Tik Tok creators too! What are they doing well?

  6. Do your homework
    What trends are important for a video's success on any social media platform. Pay attention to hashtags, what is popular right now, and what trends on the Discover tab. It may seem that it is contrary to the tip "find your thing", but you can keep a hashtag on your video to make it more fun – but it doesn't necessarily have to be centered around the hashtag. Delicious, I know. The more relevant your content is, the better it will be to your target audience.

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