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To add your favorite panels to your Mac dock

Apple Mac system settings Icon Hero

If you use a specific system setup box frequently on your Mac, you can easily place a link to it in your Dock for quick access. You can actually link as many preference sections there as you want. Here̵

7;s how.

On a Mac, each section of System Preferences is traditionally referred to as a “preferences window”. The behavior of each settings box is handled by a file in your MacOS System Library folder. The nice thing about these files is that if you open them, they act as links that take you directly to the corresponding section in System Settings. This means you can drag the files to your Dock and use them to quickly access various system settings.

Several preference window shorcuts are available in the Mac Dock.

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To do that, we must first find the settings files with Finder. Activate the Finder and choose Go> Go To Folder from the menu bar.


Type (or paste) in the “Go to folder” window or slider /System/Library/PreferencePanes.

In the Go To Folder dialog box, enter the path and click

Then a Finder window will appear filled with files representing the various preferences boxes. These are the system settings that come with macOS by default. (If you are looking for a third-party settings file, visit /Library/PreferencePanes instead.) Each has a “.prefPane” extension.

Mac settings pane files that appear in the Finder.

Scroll through the window until you find the file that represents the settings window that you want to add to your Dock. For example, “DateAndTime.prefPane” is the file for the “Date & Time” settings window. Click and drag the settings file to the file and folder shortcut area of ​​your Dock, which is located near the Trash.

Drag a configuration file to the Dock on your Mac.

You will notice that if you try to drag the files to the left side (or top part, depending on how you have your Dock oriented) of the Dock, you will not be able to. That section is reserved for applications only.

After that, when you want to change a certain setting in one of the settings boxes, just click on its icon in the Dock, and System Settings will automatically open for that section.

Click a link to the Dock preference box on a Mac.

To remove a settings box from the dock, simply drag its icon far away from the dock, hold for a moment, and then release.

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