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To cancel your Apple News Plus subscription

Apple's premium newspaper and newspaper subscription service, News Plus, was launched on March 25, which means if you sign up for the monthly free trial is your free trip over, and you will be charged $ 9.99 a month ahead.

If you are a reader of newspapers and newspapers available in Apple News Plus, it may be worth keeping the service, provided you can cope with the weird and sometimes unlimited interface. However, if you do not plan to read many journal articles in the News app, it is probably time to cancel your trial before you are charged.

Contrary to what you might expect, News Plus is not interrupted by the app on your iPhone or iPad. Instead, you have to go to the App Store to do so. From there it is quite simple.

Manage subscriptions on iOS.

  • Open the App Store app
  • Click on your avatar in the upper right corner
  • Click on "Manage subscriptions"
  • Tap Apple News Plus subscription under "Active" banner
  • Press "Cancel free sample "(or" Cancel subscription "if you have already passed the free sample)

The cases are a little easier on Mac because you can access

Manage subscriptions to macOS.

  • Open the News app
  • Go to File> Manage Subscriptions
  • Select "Edit" next to Apple News Plus. subscription
  • Click "Cancel Free Trial" (or "Cancel Subscription")

If you cancel your trial before the whole month ends, your service will stop immediately and you will lose the rest of the test. If you cancel the service you have been billed for, you will be able to use Apple News Plus for the remainder of the 30 days paid for, after which it will cancel. Once your service has been canceled, you no longer have access to the articles that require News Plus, whether you have saved them to read later or not.

If you decide you want to subscribe to News Plus later, you can sign up via the News app, but you will not receive another month's trial when you do.

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