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To check which apps can access your iPhone's health data

  iPhone and Apple Watch Health app

Your iPhone knows a lot about your health, especially if you use apps like MyFitnessPal or track your activity with an Apple Watch. If allowed, apps get access to that data. Here's how to check which apps have access to your data.

We've shown how it can keep tabs on your site and expose that data to apps before, but what about your health data? The health program collects as much data as you can give it, and if you use apps to track your weight, calories, blood pressure and more, it can be a lot. If you have an Apple Watch, there may be even more information than you may realize.

How to check which apps can access your health data

There may be some types of health data that you do not want to be tracked at all, or there may be others you do not mind Apple to see, but would rather not leave to apps. That's all you can check from the Health app.

To get started, open the Health app on your iPhone and tap "Sources" at the bottom of the screen.

 Open Health and press Sources

Here you can see all the apps that have requested access to your health data, either to read existing or to add new health data. If you tap an individual app, you will receive additional information about the information it has access to.

You can also see the data available for uninstalled apps by tapping "Uninstalled Apps."

 Touch the app you want to work on

There is a handy button to remove all access at the top of the screen, but if you want more granular control as possible via a series of switches . There is also a brief explanation as to why the app needs access so your memory can jog if it is an old app that you may have forgotten.

If you want to disable the app's access to all types of health data, tap "Turn All Categories Off." If you would rather just disable certain categories, click the corresponding switch to the "Off" position.

 Disable access or press

Repeat this process for each app shown here to customize which app has access to which health data.

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