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To delete a sent message in Facebook Messenger

Facebook finally rolls the ability to delete sent messages from Messenger worldwide. First announced at the end of 2018 the function was only available in some countries. From Tuesday, everyone will be able to delete a message, both from your view and throughout the group.

You have to be quick, though; you only have 10 minutes after you press Submit to delete the message. After that, the message will remain.

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How this function works:

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  • Long press on a message sent within the last 10 minutes.
  • At the bottom of the screen comes a new Remove option; select it.
  • A quick question will ask if you want Delete for all or Remove for you . The latter option only removes the message in your view of the call, while Deleting for All deletes the message from the conversation for all recipients.
  • A placeholder message lets the recipients of the original message know you deleted a message instead of where the message was originally displayed.

The feature is also available when you use Messenger via Facebook's website. Instead of long pressing a sent message, click the three-point icon next to the message, followed by Delete. A call will appear, asking if you want to remove it for you or everyone.

Update, February 5: Added information on deleting messages via Facebook's web application.

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