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To disable Siri suggestions on your iPhone's lock screen

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With iOS 12, Siri began offering shortcut suggestions and more via the lock screen. You can disable these suggestions for individual apps or disable all Siri suggestions completely to clean up the lock screen.

Siri Suggestions is a little known feature that lets Siri look at the tasks you perform regularly and then offer a shortcut to those tasks at the best time. A good example of this would be if you ordered a coffee in a certain time or place. Siri would theoretically notice this and then start recommending that action when the time is right. All you have to do is click on the message to perform the action.

Depending on the app in question, it might be something you are looking for, if Siri makes suggestions that appear on the lock screen, but if it starts to get a little too chatty, or starts submitting unsolicited apps, you may want to turn it off. Thank you very much, you can disable the specific apps feature, rather than this being a complete or nothing business.

How to disable Siri suggestions for all apps

If you would rather prevent all apps from making Siri Suggestions on

To launch, open Settings and press "Siri & Search".

 Press Siri and search

Scroll down and

 Switch suggestions on the lock screen

How to disable Siri suggestions for individual apps

To get started , open the Settings app and select "Settings" on the screen. click on "Messages".

 Click on messages

Next, press "Siri Suggestions."

 Click on Siri Suggestions

Next screen showing all the apps that Siri Suggestions supports, with a useful switch to disable the apps you don't wa

If you want to disable an app switch the gear unit to the off position.

 Replace unwanted apps

If you later decide you want to see the proposals again, simply switch the same switch again.

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