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To keep the power saving mode permanently activated on your iPhone

Apple iPhone and iPad Low Power Mode Icon

Apple’s low power mode is important for an older iPhone’s battery to last longer. Normally, iOS automatically shuts off Low Power Mode automatically when your iPhone is charging to 80% capacity. But you can use a shortcut automation to keep the low energy mode enabled forever. Here̵

7;s how.

First, open the shortcut app, which Apple added as the default app in iOS 13. If you can’t find it on your home screen, swipe down with one finger in the center of the screen to open Spotlight. Type “Shortcuts” in the search field, then tap the “Shortcuts” icon.


In shortcuts, press the “Automation” button at the bottom of the screen.

In the Apple shortcuts on the iPhone, tap the Automation button at the bottom of the screen.

If you already have an automation listed here, first press the plus (+) button and then press the “Create personal automation” button to add a new automation. If you do not see any automation in the list, press the “Create personal automation” button.

Tap Apple Shortcuts on iPhone

In the “New automation” panel that appears, scroll down until you find “Low power mode”. Tap it.

Tap Apple Shortcuts on iPhone

Then we define the conditions that enable automation. Select “Is off” with a check mark and make sure “Is on” is not checked. Then press “Next”.

Choose Apple shortcuts on iPhone

We now define the action that takes place when the automation condition is met. Touch Add Action.

Tap Apple Shortcuts on iPhone

In the panel that appears, search for “low power” and then press “Set low power mode”.

In Apple shortcuts on iPhone, search for

When the “Set low power mode” action is displayed, it will be “Turn on low power mode”. Leave it like that. This is the only action we need, so press “Next”.


On the next overview screen, tap “Ask before driving” to turn it off. If it is on, shortcuts will appear every time the automation is triggered, which can be annoying very quickly.


When a confirmation dialog appears, press “Do not ask”.


Then press “Done”, and your automation will be set.

Each time the low power mode is turned off (either by you or automatically by iOS), the power save mode will automatically turn on again. To get started, you must manually activate the low power mode in Settings (Settings> Battery> Low power mode) or with a shortcut to the Control Center. Your iPhone will then stay in low power mode indefinitely.

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To disable low power mode automation

After using the automation for a while, you may notice that it is no longer possible to turn off the low power mode in the normal way, as it automatically just turns on again. But do not be afraid: it is easy to deactivate the automation so that you can turn off the low power mode again. Here’s how.

First open “Shortcuts” and press the “Automation” button at the bottom of the screen. In the list of automations, tap the automation “When low power mode is off” you created.

Tap the automation in the list to select it.

On the automation information screen, tap “Enable this automation” until it is turned off. This disables automation.


Then press “Done”. When automation is disabled, the low power mode can be switched manually as usual. If you ever want to enable automation, just go through the automation in shortcuts and turn on “Enable this automation” to.

Finally, it is worth noting that as of iPadOS 14.0, iPad does not include low power mode. However, it can be added in a future update. Currently, this automation only works on iPhone.

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