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To remove a coffee cup or other item from your video

In the latest version of Adobe's After Effects, the company added a long-awaited tool to users, Content-Aware Fill, which provides a similar feature to the Content-Aware Fill tool in Photoshop. Now you can easily remove items from moving video, just as you have been able to do in still images for many years. It works on all types of objects, from still to coffee and even coffee cups.

Using Content-Aware Fill in After Effects is similar to how it works in Photoshop: You simply select an area you want to delete and have replaced with magically generated images that look like it was supposed to be there all the time. But that is not to say that it will always give the best results: I used the tool to remove the coffee cup from this scene but was not completely satisfied with the results. I am sure that with a little more tinkering I could achieve something that I would like, but instead I went back to a process that I used for years by simply tracking movement and using the original clip to mask over the unwanted object. 1

9659003] Original film Clip: HBO

Films with Content-aware Fill

That process is a bit more complicated than the almost click process that Content-aware Fill gives, but it's not very difficult to do When you know steps.

  • Open by effects
  • Import your photos
  • Create a new composition with your photos
  • Trim your work space to the area you need to correct
  • Right click on your stock and select Track and stabilize> Track motion [19659011] On the tramway panel together with position select Rotation and scale

  • Use the two tracks to select pixels near the object you want to delete. Edges and corners or areas of high contrast are good to track.

  • Select the Tracking Panel in Analyze Forward and let it trace the motion and create key images.
  • If the track is off, you can try to track different areas until you get a track that matches the camera's movements

  • Create a new Null Layer in the composition
  • In the Track Motion panel go to Edit Target … and select Zero , then use the entry X and Y positions

  • In this clip There is a table section that looks like we can use it to cover the object so let's find a frame that works best
  • On that frame right click and freeze frame by selecting Time> Freeze Frame

  • Using Pen Tools, make a mask on the Freeze Frame layer, then move the entire layer to cover the object and adjust as much as possible. You may need to refine the mask after placing it; I gave birth to the edges of the mask to melt better.

  • On the Mask layer, use Pick Whip to select Null, this will parent the Mask layer to the Null attributes, including key positions for position, rotation, and scale.

  • Preview of the work area, you can see the Mask layer move along with Zero, matching the position on the table.
  • Next form finds the effects and preset panel effects Exposure and Add grain and adds the mask layer [19659024] Adjust the exposure to better match the table position
  • Adjust the grain to fit the basket from the camera (since we made a freezer frame it is no one to stand out)

And there you go! Now you just need to upload your coffee-free material to your massive content provider's distribution servers.

No more cup!

You can also use the same zero for the second parent layer. Say if you wanted to add something back to …

little addition …

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