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Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2: Where to find all the aliens

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 is here, and it’s a blow directly into the nostalgia gut. In it you should of course skate and maximize your combinations, but there are also a handful of collectibles to get hold of on most levels. One type of collectible is the foreign plush, and they are cleverly hidden in the most obscure places around each step. They are not easy to find, but we have the locations of all 19 foreign plushies in this guide – along with detailed videos to help you find each one.

Finding all 19 will give you access to the coveted Roswell Alien character, who absolutely looks to do tricks on a half pipe – but that̵

7;s what makes him so cool. We’ll also take you through to get hold of Roswell once you’ve collected all the plush because the game does not make it obvious.

Keep in mind that you can complete each quest after collecting the alien plush, and you will still get credit for it. You must also get 100% of all goals at each level of Pro Skater 2 to unlock the last Skate Heaven scene. Fortunately, you can use the modifiers in the game to do that, which makes things a lot easier (though this denies trophies and achievements). All this said, here you will find all the foreign plushes in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2.

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The first plush is placed in the left corner of the lower part of the bearing. Ride down the ramp at the beginning, turn left and get up in the half tube and then up a second half tube. The foreigner is at the top of the other half tube in the right corner.


For school level, drop down and to the right of the green roof you are starting on and walk behind you towards a grassy area. Jump up on the grass and you will find the next strange plush in the corner to the left near the brick walls.

Shopping center

Next up is the Mall level, and this plush one is at the bottom level of some stairs. Start by going down to the ground floor, past the escalator and keep to the left. Continue, and you will eventually come to a ramp that leads down to the floor below you. Take the ramp, and when you get to the bottom, turn right and you will see the stranger in a dark corner next to the stairs.

Skate Park

As soon as you start in Skate Park, turn around and go to the back of the room where you will see a red quartz tube near a big screen. Use this quartz tube to get to the level above. Once you have done that, look to the left and you will see another area above you, then wallow and jump up to get there. You may need to increase your stats so that you can jump high enough to reach this area. You will find the alien at the top in front of a large beam.

The city center

Next time is Downtown, and the stranger at this level is a bit of a pain to get to. As soon as you start, turn around and turn on the ramp to get up on the street above a garage. Then turn left and go up the ramp leading to a window that you can break through. Make sure you jump at the end of the ramp so you can get up through the window. From here you follow the path over the small sky bridge and up to a large bowl-like area with several half pipes.

From the ramp that you used to get up to this area, go to the right corner where you will see some trash lying on the ground. Walk the ramp behind it very slowly so that you can land on the small, pointed platform behind it. If you hit the ramp too hard, you will start the building. Once you have landed on the small platform, turn around and you will see the stranger behind you. It may take you a while to land on this platform, so use the video above for reference.

Downhill Jam

This is probably the easiest plush to find. Simply turn at the beginning and you will see the alien on the far right, hidden in plain sight.


For this plush, you have to follow the road at the beginning to find a gray and white beam next to a concrete quartz pipe. It is close to the orange barricades you can grind on. Use this quartz tube to start yourself up to the beam above, where you will find the plush one. You should try to even out by pressing RT on Xbox One or R2 on PS4 – otherwise you’ll probably have trouble landing on the platform.


The next plush is located on the streets. Go down the steep slope and cross the street, opposite Margo’s Diner. Then go straight into the parking lot, and you will be able to hit a ramp that will start you on the roof of the dining room. When you land, look to the left and you will see the plush leaning against a short wall.


The last level of Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 is Roswell, so go down the ramp at the beginning and turn left through the automatic doors that lead to a limited area and a large bowl. Start up to the platform above, and you will find the alien plush on the right side, leaning against a wall at the entrance.

The hangar

Kicks things with Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 is The Hangar, where you will find the next plush in a secret area. Go down the ramp at the beginning and enter the room on the left by breaking the glass. Here you see a helicopter. Ramp up to it and grind on the propeller to open the secret area on the left. A large door leading outside begins to open. When it is open, go outside and to the left, where you will see the next plush in the corner by the fence.

School II

The plush stuff in School II is a little tricky to get to, but we’ll show you what you need to do. First go through the path to the right that leads to an open courtyard area. This path contains a rail and the letter “S” that you can grab now or later. Before the path ends, turn left onto the wall and jump up to grind on the platform above.

Then jump up to the green roof forward and make sure not to slide over it – otherwise you will clear the roof. Then turn left and follow the roof until you reach a place with a few windows on the left. Here you will find the stranger on the ground in the corner.


To find this plush, you need to access the secret area of ​​Marseille. From the beginning, go left, towards a grassy area with some trees. You see a large pole held up by a piece of wood. Crash into the wood, and the pole comes down and breaks the wall that leads to the secret area. Go through the newly opened path and you will be transported to a circular room.

Go down the ramp and go to the left slightly, where you will see a small ramp leading to an arch and a hatch at some orange cones. Drive up the small ramp and you will find the strange plush in the left corner.

NY City

To find plush on the NY City level, jump down to the lower platform at Upper Bank. You land in an area with a massive sculpture. Then turn around and walk behind the concrete ramp with grass on top. Slope towards this ramp is the foreign plush.

Venice Beach

Start by going to the left immediately and down to the bowl-like area with graffiti over the walls. Start yourself in the back right corner. If you do it correctly, you will land on the small walkway behind it. Be careful not to go too far to the left, as you will end up in the sand and will have to restart.

Once you have landed on the wooden walkway, turn around and go back as you came. The alien will be on the ground in the corner between the half-pipe you jumped from and the building next to it.


The next level, Skatestreet, requires you to unlock the secret area to find it soft. To do so, go down the ramp and up the high half pipe in front. Immediately start sanding to the left at the top. Sharpen forward, jump the distance and continue sharpening on the rail. This unlocks the secret area.

When you fall down from the rail, go to the right and you will see a newly opened path that leads out. Go here and turn right, where you will see a couple of quartz pipes. The foreign plush is above these pipes on a platform, so use the quartz pipe on the right to get up there. If you refer to the video, you can see that we did not even have to land on the platform. Turn on the ramp at the right angle and steer to the right to take the plush in the air.


As with most levels in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2You have to go to the secret area to find the plush in Philadelphia. From the beginning, go left and then go down to the lower level, where you will find a ramp with a blue rail. Sand up the rail and you will see the letter “T” above it. Continue and then jump to the next rail that leads to a post on the sidewalk. Once you have done that, it will fall on the fence across the street and break up the road to the secret area right next to it.

Enter this dark area and go to the right, towards the half pipe in the back. Behind a set of stairs is the strange plush.

Bullfighting arena

Jump down and go to the right, towards the lower area with the bull. Use the red ramp to jump up to the platform above. Be careful not to land on the stand as it will send you back to the top if you do. Once you have landed, follow the path past the orange ramp with the bird on it. Just past is the stranger on the ground to the left, leaning against the card wall. It is opposite an exit sign.

Chopper Drop

You unlock the Chopper Drop level by completing every other level so far. Jump out of the helicopter and go left up to the shorter quartz tube. At the top you see a small platform with a barricade and the strange plush in the right corner.

Skate Heaven

As mentioned above, you must have achieved all goals at all levels in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 to unlock Skate Heaven. This means that all goals and a gold medal in the competitions are needed before this is unlocked. Once you have access to it, there are a few things you need to do before you find the last plush.

The level will throw you into a strange, amazing space, full of neon colors and a volcano. First go straight, past the neon half tubes and turn left towards the signs “Ben”. In front of the sign is a roof with a neon rails in front. You have to grind on this rail to the left to make the volcano start to erupt. Use the video above for reference. Once you have received a message reading “Time 2 feed the volcano”, scroll down and walk up towards the Mount Rushmore sculpture in the distance.

You will pass a pair of neon rails and eventually come to a ramp that you can use to jump into volcanoes. That’s right – we’re going in. The jump is very difficult to do, and you have to perform the boneless movement at the top of the ramp to do it. A boneless is performed by pressing X and Up on PS4 and A and Up on Xbox One. This should give you the extra boost you need to get into the volcano. If you still have problems, you can use the giant skater mod to make the jump easier.

When you arrive, go left and you will see a half pipe next to a cliff. Walk around to the back of it, and you will find the plush leaning against it. Make sure you do not fall off the ledge next to it.

How to equip Roswell Alien

Congratulations! You’ve found all 19 strange plush toys, which means you’ve unlocked Roswell Alien. To access him, you must claim the challenge in Challenges tab i Main menu. Print Triangle on PS4 or X on Xbox One to claim the challenge and you will receive a message that Roswell Alien has been unlocked. Then press Triangle on the main screen to select the character.

Roswell has maximum stats, so he’s a great character to use if you’ve not planned your main character completely. In addition, he looks amazing with his huge head and colorful alien-themed board.

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