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Top 20 Hacker Holiday Gifts of 2018 «Null Byte :: WonderHowTo

For the uninitiated, buying a special hacker in your life can be difficult for a perfect holiday gift. That is why we have taken the guesswork and curated a list of the 20 most popular items our readers buy. Whether you buy a gift for a friend or have died to share this list with someone who is shopping for you, we've taken with our 2018 selection of hackers holiday gifts.

For more ideas, be sure to check out our vacation hacker gift guide from last year, as well as Distortion's excellent posts for gear every hacker should try. As for the recommendations of the year, they are divided into different price points, so you can jump to each of the following links.

Jump Links: Under $ 50 | $ 51

- $ 100 | $ 101- $ 350 | Laptops $ 350 + | Any amount

Tights under $ 50

We start with the most affordable items. They are great gifts for them on a budget and cheap enough that you can afford to put a little hacking jubilee in everyone's socks this year.

Option 1: USB Rubber Ducky

Since the introduction of 2010, USB Rubber Ducky has become almost everywhere among hackers, penetration testers and other IT professionals. It's a small generic looking flash device, but hiding underneath the shell is a powerful keystroke tool. We love $ 44.99 USB Rubber Ducky for its simplicity and versatility as a hacking, automation and educational tool.

If your favorite shopper does not have someone, they need one, so grab them for a while whenever you can. Bonus Points if you give them a headstart by linking them to our guides about writing and encode Ducky Script, automating hacking features on a Kali Raspberry Pi, and also Ducky Script that we wrote to steal macOS files.

  • USB Rubber Ducky – MSPR $ 19.99 (Hak5)
Image of SADMIN / Null Byte

Option 2: Raspberry Pi Model 3 A +

] Raspberry Pi is a very popular single patch. Thus, all hackers, manufacturers or computer science enthusiasts in your life are likely to have one already … in addition to the brand new model 3 A + that is to say.

3 A + was just recently released and very few people have their hands on one yet, making it an excellent gift for all Pi enthusiasts. 3 A + hits a good balance between Raspberry Pi Zero W and the full volatile Raspberry Pi 3 B +. It has the same processor and wireless connection as 3 B + but in a much smaller and especially slower form factor; This makes its size more comparable to a Pi Zero, and at $ 25 it's a bargain you can not pass if you find it available.

Option 3: Panda Wireless PAU09

This Wireless Network Card Panda PAU09 is perfect for anyone interested in starting it great way for Wi-Fi hacking. The adapter supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz, and it's fully compatible with Kali Linux. In addition, both antennas are mounted externally, allowing you to upgrade to more sensitive antennas in the future.

By $ 49.99 is not the cheapest, but we think the price is worth it. If it's too much for you, check out our guide to buying Wi-Fi adapters for any options.

  • Panda Wireless PAU09 N600 Dual Band – MSRP $ 49.99 (Amazon)
Picture of Panda Wire less / Amazon

Option 4: Hacker Swag

All geeks love their swag and hackers are no different. So if you are the kind of person who is inclined to buy socks or tie as a gift, consider buying some themed hackers and computer science t-shirts or hoodies from Zero Day Clothing or Hacker Stickers.

Honestly, anything from any of these places is sure to delight someone's inner nerd. The best part is the price is right so you can easily find something on either site to fit all budgets from as low as $ 2 to $ 6 for some stickers for $ 50 for a hoodie. You can also find some swag on Amazon if you prefer.

Image via Zero Day Clothing

Option 5: Mission Darkness Faraday Bag

If your hacker consistently has drawbacks or has a healthy paranoia about his Wireless signals, consider buying them a Faraday bag. Think of these bags as a container for wireless signals – insert a phone and it would immediately lose all wireless connection, in theory; This makes it very useful when you are at a disadvantage, and you want to make sure your primary electronics make it unscathed. You can learn more about them in the video below.

Missing Screen Faraday bag from MOS Equipment is an excellent choice of $ 22.99. It will properly block all wireless spectrum and is large enough to hold your phone, passport and other RFID or Bluetooth enabled devices that you can carry around.

  • Faraday Mobile Phone Case – MSRP $ 22.99 (Amazon | MOS)
  • Windows Faraday Case for Phones – MSRP $ 52 (Amazon | MOS)
  • Mojave Faraday Phone Bag – MSRP $ 50 (Amazon | MOS)
  • ] Faraday Bag for Keyfobs – MSRP $ 17.99 (Amazon | MOS)

Option 6: Gunner Computer Eyes

Being an attacker can be rough in the eyes, especially when we sit on a computer all day staring at a screen in the morning. Some studies indicate that the strain can be relieved by filtering out the amount of blue light that hits your eyes. Gunnar Optiks has created a range of computers and goggles to do just that to prevent eye damage and the side effects of intense long-lasting blue light exposure.

If you notice that your favorite boxer has red eyes, are constantly complaining of headache, or are you generally concerned about their well-being, consider showing those you care about by purchasing them a pair of GUNNAR Optik goggles. Below are the cheapest models, but they have a great selection all the way up to $ 249 each.

Option 7: A Book To Hack From No Starch Press

It may seem controversial and inevitable old school to give a hacker a book, but those books from No Starch Press continue to be a great way to teach. Topics include open source / Linux, security, hacking, programming, alternative operating systems and science and math, making it easy to find something for your favroite, know everything that does not really know anything.

Books of No Starch Press are especially known for their personality and attitude, which makes them a pleasure to read and host to show. From $ 35 to $ 50, they make a good addition to any bookcase – and everyone loves the gift of knowledge.

"Black Hat Go" and "Penetration Testing" on Amazon. Images by No Starch Press

Gifts from $ 51- $ 100

Since some of the above items are cheaper, there is a good chance that the hacker in your life already has some of them. So, if you can afford to spend a little more on your holiday, there are some of the best options.

Option 8: One Year of VPN Service

Virtual Private Networks are really useful because they provide the integrity and anonymity that many security conscious people expect. No one wants your service provider to sell your browsing history and VPN companies like Private Internet Access, IVPN and Tor Guard allow you to hide your traffic from your Internet service provider and from snoops via open or shared Wi-Fi networks.

Prices range from $ 3.33 per month to PIA to $ 9.99 for Tor Guard (for an annual subscription). They are often sold as much as 60% off, so for budget conscious, be sure to check all three when you buy. All VPNs include a proxy server to hide your IP for application-specific tasks such as torrent Kali ISOs, and with a VPN server you can combine with Tor with Whonix to create an entirely anonymous Kali box.

PIA is the best compromise of value, features and usability. IVPN will provide the fast connections and is easy to use on all major platforms, making it an excellent alternative to PIA. Tor Guard is not as easy to use, especially for iOS users, but it makes it possible to buy support for ChromeOS. The Wirecutter has a good review of VPNs if you are looking for more details. Regardless of the choice of VPN, no hackers will be upset with the present.

Option 9: Raspberry Pi Model 3 B + Startup Kit

If you really love your hackers, you will not get them running around to buy accessories before they can get started, why do we recommend CanaKits 32 GB Raspberry Pi 3 B + Starter Kit for 79.99 USD. It has everything that a hacker needs to get started with the Raspberry Pi platform, including the biggest and worst Pi, Model 3 B +, a 32GB microSD card, a case and the cables and adapters needed. All that is needed is to follow our guide to get started with ethical hacking.

  • With power supply, bag, 32GB SD card etc. – MSRP $ 79.95 (Amazon)

CanaKit also has other kits available for Raspberry Pi 3 B +, from as simple as one that has a power supply to one that goes beyond the above mentioned kit.

Option 12: ITS Tactical SPIE Kit

Lockpicks and Lockpicking are part of the hacking culture, and a quality pair of lockpicks is likely to to make some serious points with the hacks of your life. For even more points, take it to the next level by giving them the full bet and caboodle.

The ITS Tactical Special Purpose Insertion Extraction Kit is designed to have all the tools needed during a flight and sharing scenario, so that anyone can fly, including illegal restraint. The kit includes handcuff keys, shims to circumvent padlock and can be configured with a pair of our favorite locks picking the Bogotas. At $ 69.98 for kit and bag plus $ 34.99- $ 39.99 if you choose to add the Bogota Entry Toolkit, it's not the cheapest gift, but if they ever need to use it, it will be money good.

Image via ITS Tactical

Gifts from $ 101- $ 350

Now that we've gotten away from stocking stuffers and the next level of hacking presents it's time for serious weapons. These are more expensive and could break the bank, but it's likely gifts that a hacker could never afford on their own when they spend their usual ones on smaller items and certifications.

Option 13: Proxmark3 Kit

If your favorite hanger is in RFID or NFC and you can afford the $ 300 pricelist, this gift is for them. ProxGrind Proxmark3 is the go-to tool for sniffing of reading and cloning of RF tags. It performs features like offline encryption, online scrambling, default keystroke, data dumping, and run simulations.

It can also be powered by a computer or batteries that make it extremely versatile and portable. It is compatible with both low and high frequency RFID tags like those used to build access control systems and US passports. Check out the video below to see how it is done.

Alternate 14: KerberosSDR (Preorder)

KerberosSDR is a brand new $ 150 software-defined radio from the same company that brought us RTL-SDR. It is the perfect gift for any hacker who started with a cheap TV receiver SDR and looks forward to developing in the SDR world. By combining four RTL SDR files and running them coherently with the same clock, it can act as a directional radio and have radar functions like no other commonly available SDR.

Unfortunately, shipping will arrive a few days late for Christmas (last December / beginning of January shipment date according to this writing) but may still be an excellent pre-order gift and show the value of late satisfaction. You can get more detailed information about the project on the RTL-SDR website.

  • KerberosSDR (Preorder) – MSRP $ 150 (Indiegogo)

Option 15: LimeSDR

LimeSDR is a powerful upgrade for anyone interested in software-defined radio that does not already have a HackRF One. With a frequency range of 100 kHz to 3.8 GHz, it has half the bandwidth of HackRF One, but provides significantly higher resolution data and is full duplex, which means it can send and receive signals simultaneously. But at $ 299 it will cost you a beautiful penny. For those who already have HackRF One, it's still a good gift if they can utilize full-duplex features.

Option 16: Hak5 Essentials Field Kit

Hak5 makes some great products and if your favorite hanger has not been indoctrinated yet, start with the Hak5 Essentials Field Kit.

The kit includes all important network hacking tools such as USB Rubber Ducky (seen earlier in this guide), LAN Turtle and WiFi Pineapple Nano. LAN Turtle is a useful tool for packet sniffing and man-in-the-middle attacks on wired networks while WiFi Pineapples do the same for wireless networks. Pineapplean also works as an incredible access point that emulates a legitimate access point and pains no suspicion that they can connect to it.

  • Hak5 Eessentials Field Kit – MSRP $ 219.99 (Hak5)

Hacking Laptops ($ 350 +)

This level deals about laptops, which are premium gifts for all hackers, white hats or penthouses. If you want to help your hacker-in-training invest in their profession, these laptops are the way to the best value.

Option 17 : Dell XPS 13 (for Windows and Linux users) [19659005] Dell XPS 13 is the best laptop for Windows users. And if you can find it, the developer release is the best configuration that comes with Linux, so it's also perfect for installing Kali Linux or any other penetration test OS.

The infinity edge view makes the most of 13-inch size, which means that you may look like a much larger 15-inch laptop but it still has the compact form factor that makes it extremely portable and perfect for throwing it in your hacking bag.

Option 18: Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro (for Apple Lovers)

MacOS fans out there will love a new Apple MacBook Pro. The small 13-inch form factor is best for portability and the 2.3 GHz dual-core 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor should be up to every hacking task you can throw it. We recommend at least 256 GB of storage. Otherwise, you can quickly find yourself running out of space. The following links are for the 256 GB (8 GB RAM) models with and without Touch Bar and Touch ID.

Any amount (for anyone who has it all)

Finally, let's see what we'll get for someone who already has everything they can want – or when they insist that you do not get them anything.

Alternative 19: Donation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

A great way to give to anyone What's all about donating to their favorite charity. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the non-profit organization that defends civic freedoms in the digital world and is a favorite for hackers and privacy advocates. You can be sure that you have done a little good this holiday season by donating in the name of your favorite hunt. Different reward levels are also available with swag as you can provide them as proof of your donation.

Option 20: WISP (WISP) Donation

Another amazing ideal to donate would be women in security and privacy (WISP). It focuses on providing education, mentorship and leadership education to women seeking a career in the infosec community. Better than, look at giving your time gift through volunteer work.

Happiness Buy to the Infosec enthusiast in your life

These ideas should get your juice flowing to figure out the best hackers gift you can for the 2018 holiday season. Again, for more Christmas gift ideas and general gift ideas, check out last year's holiday hacker guide and Distortion's hacking gear roundup. If we lacked any essentials, please leave them in the comments below so that everyone else can benefit from your ideas.

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If you have questions, ask here or on Twitter @The_Hoid .

Cover image via Null Byte / YouTube

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