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Turn your phone into a teleprompter to record your own images without breaking eye contact «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

If you record yourself for a vlog or a historical post with your own camera, it may be difficult to keep on the message. You can worry too much about how you look or let focus on what you want to say. Using a script can help, but looking away from the camera to read is unprofessional, even on social platforms like Instagram. What you need is a teleprompter, and there are apps for it.

Teleprompter apps can help you create stories and videos that look polished and crisp, without spending a dime. All you have to do is print your script, press play and see your words scroll up on the screen. This way, you can read the screen but appear to look directly at the selfie camera. The words you see on the screen will not appear in the final recording, which means your audience sees professional at work.

Although there are a variety of teleprompter options for both iOS and Android, you can find some of the deals missing. We took the time to find a free app on every platform that gets the job done so you can spend more time so your video meets your standards and less time worrying about how you say what you want. The apps are different, but their core features let you print your script, customize how it appears on the screen and get the movie.

App 1
: Selvi for Android

If your video department is running on Android, Selvi has covered you. When you start up the app you will be greeted in the main menu, which contains all the scripts you may have already written. To start a new one, press "Create new text" or press the plus (+) button at the bottom right and press "Create new." If you already have a text file available, you can also tap "Import from the device's storage" from the plus menu.

Write your script

Enter a title for your script so that you can identify it from the others in the main menu. Then you begin to write the text you want to see through the teleprompter. When finished, press the blue check box at the bottom right. Selvi takes you back to the main menu, where you can choose your new script. If you ever need to make a change, just press the script for a long time and select the edit (pen) button. If you want to delete your script, click the trash instead.

Customizing Your Teleprompter View

Once in the editor you will find a set of tools to make your teleprompter as easy to read as possible. You can drag the blue dot in the middle of the text to move that text to any point on the screen you want. Similarly, you can resize this text box via the blue icon at the bottom right.

On the toolbar, the tools allow you to adjust the text box transparency, text color, font, speed, text size, and the quality of the recorded video. You can also choose whether to use the front or rear camera by pressing the arrows at the bottom right.

Starting and stopping a recording

When all the settings are selected, press the recording button at the bottom to start recording. You may notice that the text begins to scroll, so take a look and start reading. When you are done, or if you need to change settings, press the red button to end the recording.

On the following page, you can either press the check box to save the recording or "Retry" to restart. "Share" opens the Share menu so you can send the video to any of your connected services. With "X" you return to the main menu, recording not saved.

Write and format your script

Print your script. Unlike Selvi, you will find many formatting options in this text editor – font; text size; boldness; italicize; line; and left, center, right and no justification. There is also retroactive capitalization and lowercase letters, but it is a premium feature. To enable video feed early, to get a quick preview of how everything will look, tap the arrows at the top of the screen.

Customizing the recording settings

When you reach the movie screen, you will notice some controls. The "Start" button at the bottom of the screen starts recording your pictures, but you can press "Rec" to disable the recording. In this way, press "Start" in a test run. You will also find a quick control over these controls, to indicate how fast the teleprompter should run.

Over the speed control, you find the eye icon, which removes all options from the screen so you can see your video source. There is also "AF" to enable or disable auto focus when using the rear camera and AE to enable or disable auto exposure.

If you tap the tab at the bottom of on the left you will find your teleprompter settings. You can select a background color, control the transparency and the size of the teleprompter, and set a countdown timer when you press "Start". In addition, you can enable "Tap Scroll" for teleprompters to start browsing with a tap and you can set a certain time in minutes and seconds for teleprompters to run during "Timed Scrolling."

Starting and stopping a recording

When All your settings are squared away, continue and press "Start". Just like Selvi, your teleprompter starts running, and you can start talking. When finished, press "Stop". Teleprompter Lite then uploads your video. You can preview it by pressing the "Play" button, removing it by tapping the trash or saving it to the "Camera Roll" album by pressing "Save". Teleprompter Lite removes watermark removal here, but it leads you to the $ 16.99 pro app.

Like what you see here? There are many more apps like these that can help make a social media story from amateur to professional. Check out our full guide below to find dozens of other great apps.

This article has been produced under the Gadget Hack's special coverage on smartphone-based video creator tips for filming and editing.

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