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Upcoming Android Auto Update improves Media Discovery and Messaging

Android Auto probably gets my voice for the best Android tool that is often overlooked, and Google just announced some dirty features to make it even better, especially if you have your own auto auto unit in your car.

For beginners, Auto will soon be able to offer message display when your vehicle is not moving . This way, you can quickly see what a message is without having to read it high, but it continues to prevent distractions while driving.

I already know what you're thinking about here: but I do not want anyone else in the car to see my messages! I'm with you ̵

1; and this feature can be disabled. Phew.

What's even better, but it's the improved media options. Google Play Music, Play Books, iHeartRadio, Pocket Casts and Spotify will all benefit from larger album art and a more intuitive, user-friendly layout when looking for something to listen to.

Search results when using your voice also get improvements. When you say that Google Assistant plays music, it just begins to play what you requested. For example, "Play Whiskey Myers" will simply blend all Whiskey Myers songs (which is not a bad thing – they have no bad song).

With the new update, when you search for something, it will offer cure search results with the artist, genre or album. It is so much better.

This update will roll out "within the next few days" so it should hit a main unit near you soon.

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