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[Updated] On Twitter, you can now check who can answer you – Review Geek

Welcome to Twitter Dialog on an iPhone
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Last May, Twitter began testing a new feature that lets you restrict who can respond to your tweets. The idea is to prevent trolling by just letting your friends or people you mention interact with your conversation. Now the company is rolling out the feature to its iOS and Android apps and the web client.

Updated 8/1

1/202: Today, Twitter announced that it is rolling out this feature to iOS, Android and the web. The company also plans to expand the feature along the way to invite more people to join the conversation that you first prevented from commenting. The function rolls out for everyone.

Updated 8/6/2020: After publishing this article, Twitter issued a statement explaining that the latest release for the iOS app was a bug. Twitter does not roll out the ability to restrict responses to all users right now.

The original report is left intact below.

Twitter can be a cesspool of hate, vitriol and garbage, but it can also be a source of levity, relevant news and contacts with friends you have never met in person. But you had to either accept both sides of the coin or make your account private, which has disadvantages.

The new function of the social network can help. When you start a tweet on iOS, you can choose an option to restrict who can reply to you. You can choose between “everyone”, “people you follow” or “just people you mention.” It lets you control the conversation.

It is easy to see positive effects in that limitation, although it probably also has some negative results. It will probably not take long before people use it to stifle meaningful conversation. In the end, all social networks are just as good as their users.

Twitter’s latest update remarks in the iOS App Store make it clear that all users will have access to the new feature, but it seems to be a rollout. Some users report that even after the update, they do not see the new dialog. It is not clear if or when the Twitter and Android versions of Twitter will get the feature.

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