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Use Quote Answers in Facebook Messenger to prevent confusing calls, just like in WhatsApp «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Text conversations can become confusingly fast. At the time it takes to write a reply to your friend, they can send one, two, three or more messages. When you sent the original answer, it is no longer meaningful in connection with the chat. Find out the confusion with Facebook Messenger's "new" quote response, which shows both you and your friend exactly which message you are responding to.

We say new because this feature is only healthy for Messenger. WhatsApp, another Facebook product, has been able to respond with quoted text for some time now. But who keeps score? If you are an avid Messenger user, you will be happy to have the feature of the ever-expanding arsenal of the chat program.

Quote reactions are surprisingly easy to perform. The first way to go is to press the current message for a long time and then press the answer arrow that appears at the end of the reaction options. Alternatively, you can swipe directly on the message to jump directly into a quote answer (swipe left for your own message).

The keyboard will pop up and you will see "Reply to [The Person̵

7;s Name]" with the message below it, just so you know exactly what you are answering. If this is the error message, you can always press "X" in the message field to exit. To reply, just enter your answer and then press the send button as you normally would. Your message will then track a tab above the one containing the message you replied to. If that is not enough, you also see "You replied to [The Person’s Name]" above.

You can also reply to quote answers, but it doesn't start any kind of thread. The only message that will be quoted is what you respond to, not the message it quoted.

You will notice the quote response color scheme matching your chat . If you respond to a friend's message, or a friend's code responds to their own message, the quote will be gray, which matches your friend's chat bubble. If you respond to yourself or your friends quotes respond to one of your messages, the quote matches your chosen chat color.

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