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Use the volume buttons to respring your buggy iPhone without having to re-Jailbreak «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Software problems are more common on jailbroken iPhones, but they are usually smaller bugs that can be easily fixed with a respring. But if your device freezes, rebooting is the only way to get back to normal, which also means you have to re-enable your jailbreak. However, there is a way to respring without interacting with the touch screen and needing to re-jailbreak.

There are actually lots of respring tweaks out there. Most even have their very own "Respring" option mainly to save changes. That said, you can't respring via on-screen commands if your iPhone is frozen, so having a mod that lets you perform this important task without tapping the screen would be a good addition to your toolbox. Lifeguards let you do just that.

Kurrt 's fantastic tweak gives you the ability to respring your iPhone using its hardware-based volume buttons, eliminating the need to force reboot and reactivate your jailbreak as things get hairy. In addition, Lifeguard lets you boot into safe mode if you need to troubleshoot your device, and customize the button sequences if the preset combinations don't suit you.

Step 1
: Install Kurrts Repo

archive containing Lifeguard is not available within Cydia or Sileo, so you must install it manually. To do so, just add kurrt.com/repo/ to the "Sources" list in either app. (Note: Scratches you add to Cydia are not automatically added to Sileo, and vice versa.)

Add repo to Cydia (the process is similar to Sileo).

Step 2: Install lifeguards

After installing Kurt's repo, search for "Lifeguard" in the "Search" tab, select the tweak from the results, and then press "Install" (Cydia) or "Download" (Sileo ). Then click "Confirm" (Cydia) or pull up from the bottom of the "Queue" card and press "Confirm" (Sileo). Give it a moment to install and then press "Restart the Fountainboard" to finish.

Adding lifeguards to Cydia (the process is similar to Sileo).

Step 3: Respring with the Volume Buttons

Once Lifeguard is installed, you can respring your iPhone using its hardware volume buttons. The default key combination uses the following sequence, with each click one after the other.

  • Volume Up -> Volume Down -> Volume Up -> Volume Down
The respring volume key shortcut in action.

Tweak also allows you to start in safe mode by switching the Ring / Silent switch twice, followed by the same volume button combination to reschedule your device.

  • Ring / Silent -> Ring / Silent -> Volume Up -> Volume Down -> Volume Up -> Volume Down

Step 4: Customize the Sequences (Optional)

To change the button combinations, open Settings navigate then to "Lifeguard." From there, enter the letters corresponding to the keys of the desired pattern in the fields Respring and Safe Mode . For example, entering DUL for Respring would mean a volume down -> Volume up -> Page button sequence.

As you can see, Lifeguard supports both iPhone buttons for Home buttons and Face ID models. All the buttons shown are fair games for the former, while Face ID iPhone models can ignore the Start button.

Note that the commands are not case sensitive, so there is no need to enter your commands in caps. You can also easily disable either Respring and Safe Mode by either leaving the corresponding field blank or by entering an unknown command. Make sure to turn "Save" to the right when you are done adjusting the adjustment to set the changes.

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Cover image, screenshots and GIFs of Amboy Manalo / Gadget Hacks

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