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Use this text trick in Instagram stories to change each character's color in seconds «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Instagram is about the hook. If you want followers to stay, you need to keep your content interesting and engaging. Rainbow text can really make your stories pop, but it's not an Instagram feature, which means it's not an easy task to accomplish. However, there is a light hack that takes all the work out of rainbow-colored text, which makes your stories better overall.

Instead of using a single dull color for words and phrases on the screen, rainbow text creates a surround effect, giving each letter in your story a different color shadow. While a traditional rainbow would go from red to violet (or vice versa), you can start and end any color. It's not an option in Instagram's Story Editor, but it's easy to go rainbow, whether you're using an iPhone or Android phone.

With Instagram open, either swipe right or tap the camera's icon in the top left corner to open the Stories camera. Then take a picture or video, or select one from your library. Then tap your finger on the screen to add text (any font) and write down what you want. Then select the text you want to rainbow-ify.

Now use your right thumb by holding down one color to the right until the gradient tool appears. As you push up your thumb up, lighter colors appear while shooting down, using darker.

Hold that thumb held down, take your left thumb and hold down the right edge of the highlighted text, making sure to take that end marker. Slowly slide both thumbs to the left at the same time and in pace. You will see the letters changing colors as you go.

Confused? Do not worry. It took me a few tries before I could hang on to it. Check out the GIF below to see the process in action, which shows it pretty well.

Now, of course, you can use a page of colors you want (there are three different pages of colors on Instagram). Also, you do not have to start at the end of a slope, you can start in the middle if you want. You can also start at the beginning so that the thumb moves inwards towards each other instead. And you can take both thumbs left to right instead of right to left. It's quite versatile.

The only other way to create rainbow text is to mark each letter separately and then color, but it takes too much time. Although this two-inch method is a bit tricky to perform first, some training will make you an expert in no time.

If you're on iOS, be careful – when you jump back to the text editor, your rainbow text will be restored to a uniform color. On Android, your rainbow effect is not removed just by opening the text editor or by writing more. Try to change the color, and that color will be applied to your entire text.

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