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Walmart Plus Registration Now Available: Everything You Need to Know About Grocery Store Delivery


With Walmart Plus, Walmart goes all-in on food delivery.


Do you want groceries and more delivered to your front door? That’s the promise behind Walmart Plus, a new service announced earlier this month. From today you can Sign up for a free 15-day Walmart Plus trial.

Although many have been quick to compare Plus with Amazon Prime, it’s not really the same thing (see the link below). Here’s everything you need to know about Walmart’s programs: price, availability and so on. We will continue to update this post as we get more information, so be sure to bookmark it and come back soon.

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How much does Walmart Plus cost?

You can pay an annual price of $ 98, or go monthly and pay $ 12.95 (which counts for $ 155.40 per year – obviously not the most cost-effective option). If you are not sure if the service is a good fit, Walmart is offering a 15-day free trial.

When can I sign up for Walmart Plus?

As of September 14, you can sign up for Walmart Plus – starting with the aforementioned 15-day trial. However, you must choose the type of billing you want and enter a credit card. Regular invoicing starts after the trial period unless you cancel.

What is included in Walmart Plus?

Based on the store’s original delivery-limited options, Walmart Plus will offer “store prices” and “as fast as same day” over 160,000 items. In principle, everything in the store can be at your door within a day or even the same day, at no extra charge. However, there is at least $ 35 for deliveries.

Subscribers will also have access to Scan & Go, a feature in the Walmart app that lets you scan items when you shop and then check out with Walmart Pay – effectively bypassing the checkout.

There is also a gas benefit: You save up to 5 cents per gallon at almost 2,000 gas stations, with more to come.

How does Walmart Plus compare to Amazon Prime?

On the surface, this sounds like Walmart’s version of Amazon Prime: basically “free” subscriptions for subscribers. And Walmart does it for $ 21 less per year: $ 98 versus $ 119. Amazon also has two food angles: The company offers free two-hour delivery (where available) from Prime subscribers from its Whole Foods stores, again with a minimum order of $ 35. There is also Amazon Fresh, a completely different food option that offers same-day delivery (if available) to Prime subscribers – also with the $ 35 minimum.

That said, the comparisons largely end there: While Walmart promises that “the list of benefits will continue to grow over time,” Amazon Prime offers a much wider range of benefits, including a variety of streaming media (music, movies, TV), free ebooks and magazines, free PC games and so on.

In the end, if you are forced to choose between the two, you want to decide which is more important: food delivery or streaming?

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Is Walmart Plus a good value?

It depends on a number of factors, but ultimately it depends on whether you live close enough to Walmart to actually qualify for delivery and how often you think you will benefit from that delivery.

For example, if you typically shop for groceries once a week and use Walmart Plus each time, just $ 1.89 per week (based on $ 98 annual price) will suffice. It’s pretty cheap and it also saves time – especially if you already buy food at Walmart. Delivery also reduces the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

I have used a handful of food delivery services in recent months and they have mostly been good. Producing tends to be a fixed point: I like to pick my own avocados and bananas. But there is no debate about the convenience of such services, especially for those who can not easily (or safely) get to a store.

We will update this story as more information about Walmart Plus is revealed, including relevant first-hand experiences with the service.

In the meantime: your thoughts?

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