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Watch YouTube videos at exactly the same time as your friends remotely. Here’s how

airtime app

Watch videos with friends while chatting.

Air time

Texting friends you haven’t seen in months becomes boring after a while, especially when it̵

7;s the friends you used to meet together to watch your favorite YouTubers. Fortunately, if you miss those evenings with your besties, you can get them back. An app called Airtime lets you video chat with others while watching movies and YouTube videos on the same screen you use to chat. You can see each other’s reactions, and anyone can pause the video to talk about what just happened.

A variety of movies, such as YouTube and SoundCloud, are integrated into the app, so you can watch music videos and YouTube personalities and even share photos with the group from the camera on your phone or tablet. You can also stream songs and videos with your friends.

How to start video chats while watching videos with your friends.

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Drop emojis and GIFs into the video chat.

Air time

Set up an Airtime room

Once you have downloaded the app to your iPhone or Android device, set up your profile and add all your friends you want to video chat with – they must also have an Airtime account. Then you need to create an Airtime room: Press Create space on the main screen, then invite your friends to the room and press Next.

Airtime recommends adding five or fewer friends to each room for a better experience. You can also choose if you want the room to be Secret, so only your invited friends can see, or Party, where friends of friends can join.

To change the name of the room, open the settings in the upper right corner. You can also customize the room description and color theme and delete the room history so that all messages and media are deleted.

Watch with friends

Once you have created a room, you will need to send an alert to your friends to start a video chat. To do so, open the room you created and select Hand icon in the upper right corner. While you are waiting for your friends to join, you can select a video or movie you want to watch by pressing popcorn icon at the bottom of the screen. When you find what you want to watch, press Mail to the room.

When you watch the video with your friends, you can drop GIFs, emojis and sounds in the room – you see icons at the bottom of the screen that say reactions, stickers and Sound. You can also send video chat messages by tapping messages icon.

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What can I watch?

The number of full-length movies is limited compared to the rest of the YouTube universe, and many movies have decreased from the app, but there are still The Lazarus Effect and Wish Upon A Star. There are also some horror movies and family-friendly movies.

YouTube videos are also appreciated. Just type what you’re looking for in the search box, like the name of a YouTube influencer or a funny video set.

If you enjoy using Airtime for YouTube applications, you can learn how to watch Netflix while making friends with Netflix Party. For more entertainment, here it is what to know about the new Peacock streaming service.

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