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What is a smart screen and should you have one?

Smart screens are getting furious now, especially with Google's home page out on the market now. But what are the clear screens? And is that the kind of device you need?

If you're not familiar with smart monitors, you've probably seen them at least in some capacity. Amazon has Echo Show and Google has gotten home. And then you have Lenovo and JBL with their smart screen. But if you've never used one, you might be curious about how they work and when they are useful.

Smart Displays are Smart Speakers with a Screen

When it comes to a smart screen (like Echo Show or Google Home Theater), it's just a traditional smart speaker with a screen for visual presentation. So think of a regular Echo or Google Home, but with a built-in screen.

I describe this as it's not a big deal, but depending on how you use it, a smart screen can completely change how you usually use a voice assistant in your home.

Instead of asking Alexa or Google Assistant about the weather and then just listening to the forecast, both show the forecast with the built-in display, which can be much more useful and useful. Similarly, if you ask them about some trivia (like the tallest building in the world or how many movies Tom Hanks has recorded), the display will not only show the simple answer, but it can show you more information about your question.

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Furthermore, the built-in screen lights up to exploit visually heavy voice commands that to look at recipes or tell Google Assistant to show you videos of cute kittens on YouTube. Of course, if you have a Chromecast connected to a nearby TV, it will be the same, but the experience is seamless when you have a built-in screen.

There are also smarthome controls. You can continue to give voice commands to control your various smarthome devices, but sometimes it's also good to have touchscreen controls – they can sometimes be faster and more practical than screaming out commands that may not be fully understood by the voice assistant. And if you have a hello video doorbell, you can get the video feed to automatically appear on your home screen when someone rings the doorbell, which is cool.

Of course, there are the secondary features of smart monitors that a lot of people like to use it as a digital photo frame of different kinds. And with the amazing AI behind Google Photos, Home Hub makes a great job of automatically selecting and selecting the best images to be displayed on the screen when you're not using it.

How to buy one?

A question like this comes down to how you usually use your existing voice assistant. At least, if you have ever used your voice assistant and wish you could see the answer, then a smart screen can be a worthwhile purchase.

Maybe, if you often look at things like your Echo or Google Home that are usually visually heavy (such as recipes), a smart screen can be a significant upgrade over a regular smart speaker.

In addition to this, smart monitors can provide you with an alternative method of controlling smarthome devices. Sometimes a voice command does not ring in the cards (as if someone is sleeping nearby), so having a touch screen ready to turn off lights or other smart devices can be a great convenience.

And if anything If you're not 100% set up to enter the smartplay game, try it out for less money using a Four Tablet, which Alexa has built in and can act as an Echo Show of Kind.

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