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What is Apple Fitness + and how much does it cost?

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Fitness + is a health-focused service from Apple, which is designed to help you train and stay in shape from your own home. Fitness + includes custom training recommendations and Apple Watch integration, which will be launched in the autumn of 2020.

What is Apple Fitness +?

Fitness + is a subscription service that includes training for yoga, cycling, running, core and strength training, among other types of training sessions every week. Apple will deliver new passes so there are always new courses to explore.

Each recommended workout is based on your Apple Watch activity. The Fitness + app integrates your personal metrics, such as heart rate and calories you burn, into each workout in the Fitness + app.


7;s new Fitness + is an affordable subscription service for the whole family

Fitness + also has a special class for those who are new to fitness or starting up again and is called the “Absolute Beginner program.” It is built into Fitness + with the help of trainers who teach you basic movement and exercise so that you can learn to prepare for certain workouts.

Most exercises can be performed without equipment or a simple set of dumbbells, which makes it super easy to train at home. More advanced courses require equipment such as a treadmill, which can mean that you use Fitness + in a gym.

What does Fitness + offer?

Fitness + runs on an iPad and Apple Watch

When a workout is selected and started on an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, the workout type automatically starts on your Apple Watch. During the session, measured values ​​from the Apple Watch are displayed on the screen to inspire and motivate you to press harder. For example, when the trainer tells you to check your heart rate or starts a countdown timer, these numbers will be animated on your screen.

If you like to push yourself with a little healthy competition, the optional Burn Bar shows how your current effort compares with everyone who has done the same workout before.

The familiar activity rings from the Apple Watch are also displayed on the screen, marking your progress and starting an animated party when they close. With Activity Sharing, you can enable friends and family to see which Fitness + exercises you have completed.

Once you have activated your Fitness + subscription, you can find Fitness + in the new “Fitness” app on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

How much does Fitness + cost?

Access to Fitness + costs $ 9.99 a month or $ 79.99 a year when it launches in the fall of 2020. For a limited time, the service will be free for the first three months with the purchase of a new Apple Watch Series 6. It comes also as part of the company’s new Apple One subscription.

Apple Fitness + pricing

Current Apple Watch owners (Series 3 and later) get one month free and can share the lawsuit with five other family members. The subscription plan is automatically renewed after a 30-day trial period until it is manually canceled.

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