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What Is The Name Of Wikipedia's "Official" Theme Song?

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Answer: Hotel Wikipedia

Although not official in the sense that it has been formally adopted by the founders and contributors of Wikipedia, Meta-wiki ̵

1; the Wiki about Wikipedia has a listing for a "official" theme song for the popular online encyclopedia.

The theme song, an adaptation of The Eagles' hit Hotel California features the following lyrics

Hotel California tune

On a dark office evening,
Sat down in my chair
Sharp smell of stale coffee
Circling round in the air
Suddenly on the webpage
There came a flickering light. ] My head grew heavy, and my sight grew dim.
I had to stop for the nigh t.
There it was in the link list:
"Edit page; you will well
And it was up to the quickbar
And it showed me the way.
And it showed me the way. There were pages for clean-up
I thought they heard:

Welcome to the Hotel Wikipedia
Such a lovely place
So much empty space

Its structure's maze-passage twisted;

No one knows where it ends. 19659008] It's got a lot of money mirror sites,
That it calls friends
And in the dance of the pages
Editors sweat –
Some change to remember,
Some change to forget
So I chose Contributions,
Tell me what have I done?
And it said:
This is all that you've been good for, here,
since two thousand and One. [19659008] And still those pages beg changes
From far away,
Just in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say…

Welcome to the Hotel Wikipedia
Such a lovely place
So much empty space
They're typing it in Wikipedia
Things that you can do—
Revert vandals, too—

Many links in the Portal
Disambigs won't suffice
And users said,
We are all just prisoners here
Of our own device.
And in the Most Requested [19659008] The list of pages increased

Last thing I remember,
I couldn't take any more.
I had before
Relax, said the Rambot,
We are programmed to receive.
You can log out any time you like
B ut you can never leave.

Sadly, our best efforts to locate an actual performance of the song, partial or full, have been in vain. Should we come across one, however, we assure you that we will update this trivia entry to share the joy.

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