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When will my city open again? This is how life can be after the end of the quarantine


Will you still have to wear a face mask when the world opens again?

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Visit the WHO Web site for the latest updates and information about the coronavirus pandemic.

Plexiglass divider between you and everyone else. Mandatory face mask uses all day. Temperature taking in schools. Try on clothes while wearing plastic gloves. Coronavirus Antibody Test before being cleared to return to the office. These are some of the measures that can come into force when coronavirus lockdown restrictions facilitate US cities and states, and around the world.

Hospitals are still suffocated by coronavirus victims and some countries report a new mystery disease that appears to be related to COVID-19 and affecting children. In the midst of these fears and concerns over a second coronavirus wave, companies are slowly opening up in an attempt to prevent flagging economies from collapse.

But when will that happen, and how will be life ? We are beginning to understand how companies can change as cities and countries begin to loosen the restrictions one by one. Almost everyone integrates into phases and they look for data to decide what will happen and when. This story provides an overview of the situation and will be updated frequently in response to the global development of coronavirus. Your local situation may vary.

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Restaurants and bars

Many restaurants are already open to a combination of delivery, pickup or pickup at the streets . When restaurants open again, those who allow food service customers can place patrons six meters apart and limit capacity by, for example, half to maintain social distance. You can order through a plexiglass divider at a counter, or your server can stand at a distance or wear a mask.

Menus may be disposable or laminated and disinfected after each use. Servers can also wear plastic gloves. During the warmer months, it is possible that we see outdoor patios open to a limited number of seated orders, with tables and chairs that are sanitized between parties. Limited hours are probably. In Austria, for example, restaurants, cafes and bars will open on May 15 and must be closed at 11am, Reuters reported.

The most important challenge of eating dinner in the service is the inability to wear a face mask while eating. If the coronavirus can transmit through drops when you talk and breathe, in addition to spreading through coughing and sneezing, eating indoors can be risky. It is also not clear whether air conditioning causes airflow patterns that can infect healthy dining guests if a customer ends up being asymptomatic. It is worth noting that the World Health Organization has said that air ventilation systems represent a fairly low transfer risk.

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How shopping malls are revived,

Simon, the United States' largest shopping mall, changed its mind that it will open shopping malls in over 20 states by May 16. Not every store in the mall can open at once. For example, individual retailers may choose to keep their doors closed. To limit the spread of COVID-19, disposable items such as bags and coffee cups will be used exclusively and shoppers are encouraged to wear face masks. Employees will definitely be there.

The hours of the shop will be limited, for example from 10 am. 11 am to 7 pm. most nights, closes early so cleaners can accurately disinfect common areas and bathrooms. Every other urinal will be out of bounds to encourage social distance, and there are protocols in place if employees get sick.

You may have to stand outside a store to enter a crowded store, and it is not clear if there will be rules about moving things or trying clothes.

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Like many companies, the gym puts people – and their body fluids – nearby.

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Aircraft and airports: Nice or less?

Face masks for safety and during your long flight? How about limited meals or just bottled water to drink? Most airline lounges are closed to slow the spread of coronavirus. The journalist described his recent flight as "worse than I thought it was going to be", and described his visage and frowning nerves, despite the benefits of no intermediate seats, quiet airports and fast travel through security. Here is what the big American airlines are doing now.

Gyms, hairdressing salons, cinemas

Essential companies such as grocery stores, pharmacies and hardware stores are open, but smaller shops, such as clothing stores, hairdressers and malls, often do not. It is likely that when these stores open again, the number of permitted customers may be based on the size of the retail space at the same time, as is the current situation in Germany, according to The Guardian.

As with American shopping malls, hygiene precautions could also be taken, such as cleaning your hands before and after leaving the company, and wearing face masks or clothing. It is possible that some services may be temporarily suspended if they put people's faces too close to one another.

Senior hours are already in effect in many grocery stores – giving people over 65 the opportunity to shop before the general public could transfer to these other retailers.

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Schools and Universities

The question on each parent's lips: When will schools open again? In some countries it already has, with students who are subject to temperature controls, distance locations and rules about how often to wash hands and how many children can play together at once. Denmark was among the first European countries to reopen schools, at least for younger students. Beijing and Shanghai reopened classes for older students, with both teachers and students wearing face masks.

Where schools are closed, school administrators, government agencies and teachers all rush to create policies that prevent students from possibly transmitting the virus when doors open again. Some municipalities are exploring the possibilities of shifting student meals and schedules throughout the day.

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Many paths are closed to deter people from gathering.

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Beaches, hiking trails and nature trails

The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and large parts of Yosemite National Park are closed as part of the National Park Service's coronavirus prevention efforts, but some will see phase reopening. For example, the Great Smoky Mountains reopened in a phase-shaped approach.

Many local beaches and nature trails are also to deter groups of people from gathering. At the same time, Florida government Ron DeSantis has empowered municipalities to reopen the economy and outdoor areas with social distance methods in place. Jacksonville's mayor officially opened beaches during designated times and limited meetings to 50 people.

Concerts, sports, amusement parks and other major events

The state of Georgia abolishes restrictions on allowing gyms, tattoo parlors, hairdressers and elective medical procedures to resume as long as distance and hygiene guidelines are applied.

Meanwhile, large gatherings around the world continue to be interrupted, including Germany's iconic annual Oktoberfest celebration, Tokyo Olympics 2020 and most major sporting events. Amusement parks such as Disneyland and music festivals that attract large crowds are also closed, canceled or postponed until further notice.

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Can the locking be done again? Yes

A continuous shutdown from public health officials is that premature resumption of economic and social life could trigger a resuscitation in cases of coronavirus and death associated with COVID-19 disease.

It happened in Singapore, which thought the coronavirus outbreak contained and under control before more cases erupted . Reportedly, in China, a peak in positive cases resulted from travelers reintroducing the virus when they returned.

Meanwhile, the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, began to lift restrictions, but warned that a second wave of infections could come . She repeated the words of WHO leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who said in a coronavirus survey last month that "lifting restrictions too quickly can lead to a deadly resuscitation."

When companies open again in your area, remember these seven things you shouldn't expect to do when the lockdown ends, 16 handy coronavirus tips to help you stay safe in the public and information about what to do if someone you live with becomes ill .

The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified healthcare provider about any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objective.

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