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When you get Bacn, have you got what?

Reply: Email

Your mailbox is likely to be flooded with waves of emails falling into several categories: Email you want from people you are directly communicating with, email you don't want ha (SPAM) from people you don't communicate with, and a kind of nebulous third wave consisting of emails you want to receive but not high priority.

The last bay is the province of Bacn. Bacn is a term coordinated by participants at PodCamp Pittsburgh 2, a new media conference, in 2007 to refer to email messages that you specifically subscribed to ̵

1; such as reseller coupons, service announcements, social networking alerts, etc. – but that you may not want to read immediately. The group's announcement includes a slogan for the new term: Bacn is email you want – but not right now.

Picture of cyclonebill / Wikimedia.

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