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Where are the administrative tools for Office 365?

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For most, Microsoft Office 365 is a lot of applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. But if you have your own domain, you can also manage your users, groups, policies and More. Let's take a look.

We've covered all apps delivered with Office 365, but it's far more than just a set of discrete productivity applications. It's also a business management system that includes all kinds of tools like Azure Active Directory, usage reports, and a lot of security tools that most people don't know about. These tools live in Admin Center which (for most users) will be available if you have a domain (such as AcmeRockets.com) and Microsoft provides email for that domain (e.g. Rob @ AcmeRockets.com).

For personal users, the most common way to happen is if you buy a domain from a registrar / host like GoDaddy or 1

& 1, and they offer Office 365 hosted email as part of the package.

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You must log in to the Office 365 account that contains your hosted email to see the Admin option. The login page can be a little tricky to find at times because it often resides on your domain host's website, not the main Microsoft site. If you try to log in to Office.com, it is usually smart enough to know where your domain is registered and redirect you to the correct login page. But if you do not find it, contact your domain host, and they will help you.

Once you have logged in, you can see the Admin option in the list of apps on the head office 365 page, and also in the app launcher available from the nine points.

 O365 Admin app

Click on the Admin app and you will be taken to Admin Center where you can see a menu with options on the left side.

 O365 Admin Options

These contain the tools for administering your domain. Some areas have their own separate consoles, which you can find by expanding the "Admin centers" node.

 The Additional Administrator Centers

All these Admin Centers open a new range of alternatives, eg. as Security and Compliance Center.

 Teh Security and Compliance Administration

Depending on what you are interested in, Admincenter can keep you busy for months. For example, Azure Active Directory contains dozens of options, many of which would take weeks to learn and understand only on their own, why Azure / O365 Administration is a job in itself in many organizations. Because Admin Center is so large we will not dive much further into this, but in the coming weeks we will show some of the most important functions and what you can do with them.

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