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Wyze delicious unannounced smart lamp and sensor in official video – Review Geek

  Wyze logo

Wyze, the company behind some of the cheapest Wi-Fi cameras you can get, released a Q&A video recently with updates. While the company's employees meant to talk about new features, some future goodies hid from the company.

Wyze cameras are an incredibly cheap way to buy a variety of Wi-Fi cameras. Basic Wyze Cam runs for $ 25, while Wyze Cam Pan runs for $ 35. (While you can order directly from Wyze, you pay the same after shipping.) They have Alexa integration, microSD features, and work on your existing Wi-Fi .

But Wyze knows that it can not only exist from cameras forever, so even though it is already announced an outdoor camera, it turns out that the company is already expanding into other areas of your smart home.

In a video published on YouTube, employees of Wyze answered several questions about upcoming features and products (such as Google Assistant integration and the above-mentioned outdoor camera). They filmed the video as a walk and talked and gave ample views of the office, but apparently they forgot to put away all the candies first. (Or maybe they did it intentionally?)

If you pause at 2:1

5 to 2:18, you see a box to the left.

  Youtube video showing Wyze bulb
Wyze Youtube

Closer look it is easy to see that this box is for a light bulb, and the Wyze logo is on the lid.

  Close up of Wyze bulb
Wyze YouTube

There are no details found, but it seems likely that the Wyze lamp will end Wi-Fi, to keep costs low. Low costs are their bread and butter, so it will be interesting to see which price point the Wyze lamp comes in.

If you continue in the video, Wyze talks about another previously unannounced product, Wyze Sense. You've actually seen a component, the motion sensor, when sitting next to the Wyze bulb in the above shot.

Wyze did not reveal any real details, but the FCC has already tested components. According to a user manual in file, Wyze Sense uses a bridge that connects to the USB port of existing Wyze cameras. The kit seems to include a motion sensor and a contact sensor that would be suitable for windows or doors.

Wyze said the Sense system would be available sometime in 2019, but we have no idea when to expect the light bulb. [19659017]
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