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Xbox All Access: How to buy an Xbox console for as little as $ 25 a month with zero money down


There’s a new way to buy Xbox series consoles when they launch.


Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Serie S consoles start on November 10 and pre-orders start on Tuesday, September 22 at 8 PT / 11 ET. This will start the next generation of games, and this time the Xbox maker is pushing to be the choice for those gamers who want the most mileage from their gaming budget.

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Xbox All Access is Microsoft’s monthly payment option for purchasing a new one Xbox Series X or S when they are released in November. Qualified buyers receive the console and 24-month Game Pass Ultimate for a monthly fee.

Cutting to the hunt: If you’re already buying the hardware and the monthly Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you can save as much as $ 60 on the total outlay for a Series S and $ 20 for a Series X by going to the All Access route . over two years. Prospective Xbox buyers should at least check out All Access before making a purchase.

Let’s take a deeper look at Xbox All Access, including positives and negatives.

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What is Xbox All Access?

Microsoft created a payment plan in 2018 to let customers buy an Xbox One X ($ 503 on Amazon) or S via monthly installments. Two new plans will be available for Xbox Series X and S when they are launched.

How does it work?

Customers must apply for a Citizens One credit with Citizens Bank at one of the selected retailers. If they are qualified, they will get the console of their choice and get access to Game Pass Ultimate. They will then be invoiced for their chosen plan for 24 months at 0% interest.

What is better? Xbox All Access or do you buy everything separately?

It depends on whether you have a current subscription to any of the Xbox subscriptions. The more dedicated Xbox player probably already subscribes to Game Pass Ultimate with an expiration date that is months after the launch of Series X / S, which makes the deal a little less attractive.

Apart from them, anyone else interested in a X / S series can actually take advantage of the Xbox All Access, as the amount paid over time is less than buying the console and paying the $ 14.99 subscription to Game Pass Ultimate in 24 months. In addition, the zero interest rate for All Access is a big improvement over the 15% to 22% interest you get by withdrawing a new $ 300 to $ 500 Xbox on your credit card.

Where can I sign up for Xbox All Access?

Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft Store and Walmart all have Xbox All Access options when pre-ordering the Xbox Series X or Series S on Tuesday.

What is included in Xbox All Access?

It costs $ 24.99 a month for 24 months to get the Xbox Series S – the retail price is $ 300 – and 24 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you want to jump up to the Xbox Series X – with a retail price of $ 500 – it will cost $ 34.99 per month.

Game Pass is Microsoft’s game subscription service that has more than 100 games available and can be used on both Xbox and PC. Xbox Live is required for console multiplayer and it comes with two free games per month along with various offers in the Microsoft Store. Both are included in the Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Are there any extra fees or interest?

No. There are no application fees, annual fees or late fees. All plans have 0% APY, which means there is no extra interest.

What are the total costs?

Here is a summary of the total cost of Xbox All Access for both Series X and S along with purchasing the consoles in advance and paying for Game Pass Ultimate for 24 months.

Retail versus all assets (over 24 months)

Selling price

All Access Price

Best offer

Xbox Series S

$ 660 ($ 300 + $ 15 / month)

$ 600 ($ 25 / month)

All Access (save $ 60)

Xbox Series X

$ 860 ($ 500 + $ 15 / month)

$ 840 ($ 35 / month)

All Access (save $ 20)

Another thing to keep in mind with this breakdown: Buying a console means that you will probably have to pay VAT. It’s up to an extra $ 30- $ 40 you have to pay depending on your state.

What information do I need to provide to be approved?

You must enter:

  • name
  • Contact information (address and mobile phone)
  • Date of birth
  • Annual income
  • Social security number

Is there a credit check for Xbox All Access?

Yes. Frequently asked questions and answers about the details of the payment plan that you would need to be approved for a Citizens One credit from Citizens Bank. When you register, the bank will do one credit request on you. This means that they will check with the credit companies to confirm that you are creditworthy. If you do, the bank does a hard credit check that will appear on your credit information. The bank will also take into account your annual income for the final approval.

Will this affect my credit?

Yes, but not much depending on your actions. For starters, credit requests or soft moves do not adversely affect yours creditworthiness. It will be listed on your credit report as a request, but your score will remain intact. Hard pulls on your credit can show up your report. It may be a small drop of five points or less, but they clear up in a month or two.

On the other hand, if you make multiple applications for any reason – say you get rejected and keep trying – it may appear on your credit report as a negative rating because it looks like you are desperate for credit. Make sure that if you are rejected, do not try again immediately.

What will cause your creditworthiness to refuel significantly lacks a monthly payment. According to the Xbox All Access FAQ, late payments can be reported to credit bureaus. This will definitely reduce your credit score. It can get worse if the account is sent to collections due to continued non-payment.

What happens if I partially pay an All Access payment on an existing Xbox but want to upgrade?

Since Microsoft created the All Access program to sell more Xbox One consoles, there are some people who still pay for their systems when the Xbox Series X and S launch. An upgrade option will be available to those who currently have a payment plan that allows them to continue their monthly payments with the newer console and replace the older one as long as they have paid a certain amount on their Xbox One. All Access customers can check their upgrade status to see where they stand.

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