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You can use a Samsung Galaxy Watch with any phone, not just Samsung – Review Geek

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In the last week I have had two people say the same thing to me: “the new Galaxy Watch3 looks good, but I do not have a Samsung phone.”

; Friends, I have good news for you – Galaxy Watches are compatible with all Android phones (and even iPhones!). Not just Samsung phones.

Welcome to ICYDK (In case you did not know), a series where we offer tips and tricks that are not necessarily new but which may have gone under the radar or otherwise not been well known.

Samsung will tell you that it’s a cleaner experience if you use a Galaxy phone, and to a very small extent, it’s true. Most of the underlying technology that makes the Galaxy Watch work so well is pre-installed on Galaxy phones, where you need to install it separately on other Android phones. That is literally the difference.

Either way, you will need the Galaxy Wearable app. During the installation process for Watch, the Wearable app will pull a couple of plugins from the Galaxy Store (these are the pieces already installed on Samsung phones). Once everything is installed, it does not matter which Android phone you use – the experience is the same.

As you might expect, an iPhone is not as seamless. You will miss a lot of extras, such as quick replies to messages, Samsung Pay, SOS functionality, reminders and much more. The messaging system is not nearly as robust as on Android either – you get reflection and not much else.

Honestly, if you want a smartwatch and use an iPhone, you already know the answer here: just buy an Apple Watch. But if you are on Android and want a Galaxy Watch, go for it. You get the same amazing experience that you would on a Galaxy phone. Galaxy Watches are easily the best smartwatches you will find on Android, and the closest Android users will get the Apple Watch experience.

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