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Your iPhone screen closes faster if you disable this setting «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Have you ever noticed that when you put your iPhone to sleep it takes an extra second longer than it probably should for the screen to turn black? It's a bit strange and forces you to wait another moment until your iPhone locks. But most of you can totally avoid the small delay by just changing one setting.

The primary problem is Wallet, and it only affects iPhone models with Face ID. To view your digital wallet on the screen to view store apartment cards, boarding passes, and other passes, or to select a card you want to use with Apple Pay, double-click the side button. If you do not have any cards stored in your wallet, you will not notice that a delay on the screen is turned off, but everyone else is likely to experience a half-second delay.

With a double-click shortcut set, when you click the Side button once to sleep the iPhone, it waits half a second, waiting to see if you will click again. Without a side button shortcut page, there is no wait at all because a second click does nothing. Check out the following GIF to see the speed difference.

The screen sleeps before (left) and after (right) adjustment.

If you do not double-click the Wallet shortcut much – as if you do not have any cards or passports or you would rather use the control center's tile or app itself – you can easily disable the double-click option. Just go to Settings -> Wallet and Apple Pay, then disable the selector next to "Double-click the side button."

If you still find your iPhone taking an extra second to go to sleep, so do not worry. Other settings use Page Button Shortcuts for Shortcuts, and the Side Button Shortcuts will also cause a delay. Check out our full guide on a slow sleep button to see your other options.

Note! This article applies only to iPhone models with Face ID, as the iPhone Home button does not use the Side button for any shortcuts.

More information: How to fix a slow sleep button on your iPhone

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Cover image, screenshot and GIF of Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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