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Zoom training courses: How it is and the 5 best to try


Zoom training courses are a good option if you do not have group training but want to be safe at home.

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I have been trains at home in the last two years – so when COVID-19 forced the gym and gym to close downI felt ready to continue training as usual. But even if Zoom quickly became the center of so many activities (work, hangouts with friends and family – and so much more) I had not tried a training course on Zoom pre-pandemic, so I was not sure what to expect.

At first I thought it would be weird to train at Zoom. Why do I want someone else to meet me when I train? I’m completely happy Stream live workouts to my TV where no one can see me ruin a move or take a break. But once I tested a Zoom training course, everything changed.

I started with a private session with a personal trainer – and although there were some technical issues at first, I saw that I worked so much harder than I would have alone. It’s amazing what a little extra responsibility can do. I loved being able to ask questions through class and get a customized attitude to my workout.

Then I tried a new Zoom workout, this time as a group fitness class. There were over 15 people present and I would switch between “gallery” where you can see everyone taking the lesson and “speakers”, where you can only see the instructor. I have to say – it was definitely not the same as being in group training but it’s the closest I’ve experienced since my last IRL studio training in February. Just the thought that I was not the only person who did the training live made me feel that I was in a real class and gave the extra pressure and feeling of community I had missed.

Given that gyms in many parts of the United States still do not open, you should consider a Zoom workout class if you want a group class experience. Keep reading for some tips on how to get the most out of your Zoom training course and a list of some of the best workouts to test Zoom now.

Tips for your first training course at Zoom


Use the Zoom Gallery view function to see everyone taking a lesson with you at the same time.


Gallery view vs speaker view: The gallery view is when you can see everyone in the class at the same time. Speaker view is when the speaker (or instructor) is the main screen you see. You will probably join the gallery view class and see everyone first, but when the class starts you will probably be on speaker view so you can see the instructor.

Mute your microphone: For the best class experience, everyone except the instructor should turn off the microphone. This way class will not be interrupted by someone’s dog barking, phone ringing or other sounds in the background.

Video setting: Keep your video on to get more responsibility in class. Even if everyone is in speaker mode, it helps to “see” others train with you. Your screen will be smaller on the side of the window, so no one will look at you. If you do not know the video, it’s OK – just turn yours off. Everyone will still know that you are “there” which is better than nothing.

Training courses to test Zoom

Jabs by Gina

Jabs by Gina is a kickboxing-inspired training course, started by Gina DiNapoli. The training has a cult following in NYC, where Gina originally started teaching in the Fitness “Think Tank” project by Equinox.

Now Jabs by Gina has a whole schedule of lessons exclusively on Zoom. The Jabs community is strong – if you’re looking for a motivating, team-driven class this is for you. Jabs offer many different class formats – from cardio, to strength, to a combination of both. You can also take classes that focus on specific muscle groups – such as the lower body or abs.

Pricing and how to register: You can see the lesson schedule and register here. Prices vary but start at $ 5 per class.

Barrys Bootcamp

Barry’s is best known for his hardcore (but fun) training courses that combine treadmill intervals with strength training. In a Barry’s class in the studio, you usually switch between running intervals on the treadmill and strength training on the floor, all led by a trainer.

Although many of Barry’s studios are closed, Barry’s offers lessons at Zoom every day. Some classes are in classic format (so you need a treadmill to join) and others are body weight only. It also offers lessons with specific equipment – such as straps or weights if you have them at home.

Pricing and how to register: You can see the full schedule here. A class costs $ 20, but you can save money if you buy a package (7 classes / 1 week for $ 75 or 1 month / 15 classes is $ 175).


If your idea of ​​a workout includes a killer playlist and lots of dancing (and sweat), try dance fitness. DanceBody is a popular dance studio based in NYC, but it has even taken online lessons through its virtual hub DanceBody Live.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can do a one-on-one session with a trainer at Zoom to get a more personalized approach to your workout with form corrections (or extra help with koreo). You can also do group training if you want your friends to participate in the fun.

Pricing and how to register: Prices vary depending on coach and class size, and the schedule is flexible. Sign up here.

Cyc Fitness

Have you ever wanted to do a whole spinning class just for Beyonce music? Cyc Fitness has it – and lots of other music-driven spinning classes you can do at home via Zoom if you have a bike. If you have not made the place in your home (or budget) for a spin bike yet, you can still take part in the fun. Cyc offers “off-bike” classes that vary in format from HIIT, to boxing, sculpture, strength and non-spin cardio.

Pricing and how to register: Classes cost $ 10 for one class or $ 45 for five. You can see the entire schedule and register here.

Love yoga

Love Yoga is live streaming classes via Zoom from its Venice Beach, California, studio every day. It offers lessons for all levels and they vary in length – from 30 minutes to an hour or more, all of which focus on adaptation and well-being.

The signature class is the Love Flow class, which is a mixture of Katonah yoga, Iynegar and Vinyasa yoga. It also offers a restorative class (which is usually free to join on Sunday evenings).

Pricing and how to register: Classes are offered during PST time and you can see the schedule here. The classes cost $ 6 each, or you can buy a 10-pack for $ 50. If you want unlimited access to classes, the monthly membership is $ 90.

The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a doctor or other qualified healthcare provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health goal.

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